Happy Friday after Christmas! Is it just me, or are the first few days following Christmas a little weird? Decorations get torn down, family travels back to their homes, and the newness of gifts wears off and they become part of your life. 

Geez, sorry. I'm not usually this much of a downer. 

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed it as much as I did! My favorite part was probably taking a break from all things work and relaxing.

My favorite things that happened this week revolve around Christmas. 

1. Mike and I had our first flight together! I was weirdly looking forward to it. 
2. I've had some good QT with my nephew. That little dude is so darn cute. 
3. I discovered that Mike is a bowling master. We neede something to do yesterday, so the family headed out to bowl and Mike warned me that he was pretty terrible. Turns out, he was lying. The man can bowl. 
4. The weather here in NC has been a much-welcomed break from that darn Midwestern winter. 
5. I received wonderful and generous gifts from my family that I'm really excited to use and have. Some of them are things that I've been coveting for awhile and now I have them!

You can find plenty of photos of my week on Instagram

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1.Whitney @ Polka-Dotty Place2.Merry Christmas

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