lesson learned

i learned a valuable lesson yesterday. well, two.

first lesson: don’t leave style post photos down to the last possible day because it will snow. and it will be rather chilly. and you will not want to be outside taking those photos that you left to the last possible day.

second lesson: being a style blogger in a state or region that experiences true winter is going to be difficult.

i dragged my roommate out of the comforts of our cozy apartment yesterday to take some photos for some upcoming posts. it snowed all morning and the forecast said it would continue to snow all day, so we braved it and just went for it. after a little searching for the perfect spot, i did some awkward posing (in front of the window to a busy restaurant, no less) and we got the shots i needed, as well as some that could be used as blackmail.

well, guess what? i decided you should probably see them just so you can appreciate what it’s like to have a photo shoot in the middle of a snowstorm. enjoy!

thought: oh man, TRY to look happy even though you’re freezin’ your little buns off.
dead giveaway: hands.

thought: WHEW! that wind makes things rather chilly.
dead giveaway: mouth.

dead giveaway: hands. both of them. 

this was as a 40-ish year old man told me, “you look beautiful, babe. just stunning!”
thought: ahhhhh things are getting awkward.
dead giveaway: facial expression. and hands.

thought: alright, i’m just going to let this happen.
dead giveaway: closed eyes. a sure sign of succumbing to nature. 

so there ya go. real gems. my sister’s favorite will probably be the third one, mostly because of the hand on the right. what is going on there?!

needless to say, i think i learned my lesson. or at least, i hope i did.

by the way, full details on these outfits are coming to you later this week – so hold on for those!

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  1. You're so cute!

    Posted 12.9.13 Reply

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