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one of my favorite things to do during my morning and evening routines is to wash my face. i have pretty sensitive skin, so i choose cleansers that are gentle and hydrating, but also leave me feeling clean and refreshed. during the winter months, the most important step for me is to moisturize my skin, especially after giving it a good scrub. i have a morning moisturizer that i use before applying my makeup, but haven’t found a good one to put on before bed. i was recently introduced to Clean & Clear’s Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer by Beauty Box 5 and i’m hooked.

it keeps my skin hydrated all through the night and leaves it feeling extra soft in the morning. the fact that it’s a gel moisturizer means that it goes on very light and isn’t greasy. i have mostly “normal” skin, but it definitely gets a bit oily by the end of the day. what’s great about this moisturizer is that it doesn’t add any extra oil because it’s water-based. oh and it smells amazing. like cucumbers and mango and a beach vacation. and possibly best of all, you don’t have to break the bank to get it. you can just pick it up next time you’re at Target, since we all know you’ll end up walking out of there with more than you intended to anyway.

i had first received a small sample in my December box from BB5 and loved it, so i knew it would be a good one for me to use. if you’re in the market, definitely give it a try.

for those of you that don’t know what Beauty Box 5 is, it’s a monthly subscription box that delivers 5 cosmetic samples to your doorstep. i’ve been receiving boxes for several months now and have been introduced to so many new brands – it’s always fun to see what will be included in my box. you can sign up for BB5 here!

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  1. "…since we all know you'll end up walking out of there with more than you intended to anyway." I'm used to be halfway decent at restraining myself in target (probably because I was on a poor-college-student budget), but yesterday I walked into the Wilson stop target for a birthday present for my roommate and walked out with four bags feeling a little bit flustered.

    Basically, I understand now.

    Posted 1.17.14 Reply

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