Q+A, Part 6

questions that we’re answered in this video:

(1:02) what blog interface do you use?
(1:48) what camera do you use? do you use a tripod?
(2:45) what are your thoughts on the new sneaker wedges?
(4:08) can your tell use about what cat litter you use, where you keep it, etc.?
(5:45) how can you tell the difference between Milo & Otis?
someone informed me that freckles on orange cats are normal – so now i know 😉
(7:48) how do you meet new friends being “new” in town?
(10:05) what does an average day look like for you?
i recorded this video last week, so i’ll actually be out of town starting tomorrow!
(13:58) why do you only see your boyfriend on the weekends?

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