January Beauty Box 5

my first Beauty Box 5 of 2014 arrived a few days ago. if this first box is anything like the rest, i think it’s going to be a good year of boxes.

like probably most people, i get incredibly dry skin in the winter. i’ve been extra aware of it this winter and have been moisturizing like there’s no tomorrow, but i still feel the dryness often. lucky for me, this box came at the perfect time for all my dry skin woes.

++ the small Jergens Daily Moisture lotion is perfect to throw in my purse or work tote to carry with me everywhere. because i use public transportation daily, i also wash my hands a lot, which dries them out even more. with this little travel-size lotion, i don’t have to worry about harsh soaps or cracked skin!

++ the other little bottle is Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash from H2O+ that smells like heaven. it instantly transports you to white sand beaches just with a whiff. oh. it makes you feel pretty clean, too.

++ i’ve never really been one to use exfoliating gloves, but i’m thinking these from Swissco will be good for giving myself pedicures in the winter. i’ve also never really been one to like professional pedicures — it gives me the willies to have someone messing with my toes, so i do my pedicures myself.

++ speaking of pedicures, Cuticle & Nail Oil from Nubar is something i desperately needed, especially with my dry skin. it’s rare for me to not have my nails polished (especially in the winter), so i like to have cuticle oil to moisturize them between polishes.

++ speaking of smelling like heaven, Epic Blend’s Hemp Coconut Lip Balm also does the trick. it goes on smooth and will be perfect for me summer beach days (which feel like they’re about 7 lifetimes away…i’m ready for winter to be over and it’s just beginning!). also, it’s gluten-free which i feel like it pretty cool. (but, no, i’m not gluten-free)

++ bonus product: That Awkward Moment mirror compact — have you guys seen previews for this movie? i’m pretty convinced i’m going to see only because Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan (clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose) are in it.

so, there you have it! another successful box from Bb5. want to receive your own? you can sign up here!

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  1. I've been getting Birchbox for almost two years now, but I haven't been terribly impressed as if late. Good to know there's another option out there! Thanks!

    Posted 1.15.14 Reply

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