here are the questions that were answered:
(0:36) how did you and Mike make your long distance relationship work and last?
(9:03) are you still using your baking soda and coconut oil face wash? if not, what made you decide to stop?
(9:48) what type of moisturizer do you use?
(10:46) i'd love to know how your cats weathered the move? how did they handle the change?
(14:30) i seem to remember you once saying something about Mike not being a cat person. has that changed since he's gotten to know the cats better?
(15:40) do you whiten your teeth?
(16:25) what are your thoughts on wearing black and navy together?
(18:05) how serious are you and this boy? do you have lots in common or do opposites attract?
(20:27) you've had your hair so many different styles and colors in the past, what's your favorite?

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