Q+A, part nine

here are the questions that were answered in this video:
(0:06) what is your favorite coffee shop and go-to drink?
(0:54) fur vests seem to be quite popular these days. how do you feel about them?
(1:52) have you ever struggled with acne? if so, do you have tips for how to cover it?
(3:28) do you crave sweet or salty foods?
(4:50) do you and your boyfriend have a favorite ‘date night’ location?
(6:23) do you like when people leave you comments? i feel like people get super opinionated on some of those and i wondered if that makes it hard to traffic through those.
(8:13) where did you get Milo & Otis? were they adopted from a shelter or did you get them from a breeder or friend?
(9:35) what’s the best way to advertise your etsy shop?
(11:07) how did you and Kate run your etsy shop together?
(13:24) what is your fitness routine?
(15:31) i was interested in starting a blog just for my own personal enjoyment, do you have a website or suggestion of where to start?

have more questions? send me an email or leave a comment below!

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  1. Brick Yard Buffalo on Instagram and online… They occasionally have the cutest fur vest 🙂 they run out fast, but I just ordered mine for $23! Xo bobbi

    Posted 1.23.14 Reply
  2. Hi Lauren! Do you have any good drug store brand eyeliner recommendations?

    Posted 1.30.14 Reply

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