Q+A, part seven

here’s the questions that were answered:
(0:40) would you say that your etsy shop is more of a full-time or part-time job, based on your income and time commitment?
(2:19) recommendations on neighborhoods or areas to live in Raleigh?
(5:50) how do you take pictures with your iPhone of yourself? is a mirror used?
(6:30) i’m curious where you make your jewelry. what does your workspace look like?
this is the blog post i was referring to.
(7:39) how long do you think you’ll continue blogging? where do your ideas and inspiration come from?
(10:34) do you attend church by yourself?
(11:18) do you sing?
(12:26) what are your purse essentials?
(14:59) what’s your natural hair color? is Kate your stylist or have you found someone in Chicago?

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you can view the video on youtube here.

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