Snow Day

i’ve been in heaven over here with this winter storm we’re having in the midwest. pretty much the only way that i can be happy and actually enjoy a Chicago winter is with lots and lots of snow. it’s peaceful, beautiful, and typically warms things up a bit so that it’s not so brutally cold outside.

the other thing i love about snow? wearing real winter clothes and layering. i give myself “snow days” when it’s like this and love going outside and soaking up all the winter wonderfulness. the past few days have been like living inside of a snow globe, which is awesome.

back to layering clothes. you guys know this about me, i love to layer. any season, any reason. the hardest thing about layering for winter is finding the right kind of long sleeve to wear under sweaters, ponchos, and hoodies that will fit correctly and keep me toasty warm. LAmade came to the rescue with their long sleeve crew neck thermal. don’t be alarmed by the word thermal here, it’s probably not what you’re thinking. are you thinking of long underwear that you’d wear when you’re skiing. no? oh, then this is awkward.

this is the softest and warmest long sleeve in my closet. it’s thin enough that i don’t overheat instantly, but the material makes it so that it traps my body heat and keeps me warm when i’m outside. it fits like a glove (and true to size!) and is the perfect long sleeve for layering. needless to say, all of my dreams came true when i slid that long sleeve on. it’s love, people.

use code LAUREN20 for 20% off your purchase at LAmade!

outfit details:
long sleeve tee: c/o LAmade
poncho: Old Navy
jeans: Hot Mama
hat: J.Crew Factory
earrings: J.Crew (similar)
boots: Target
purse: Fossil
glittens: J.Crew

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