Beauty Box 5 – February

my February box from Beauty Box 5 arrived just in time! truthfully, i’ve received that travel pack of antibacterial wipes a few times and usually have one in my purse with me. i just ran out of my last pack and was needing some more when i opened my box to find some. thanks for reading my mind, Beauty Box 5, my hands really appreciate it. 
i received a couple samples for John Frieda Luxurios Volume shampoo + conditioner, which i’m excited to try. i’ve been using Pureology’s Pure Volume for several months now (and don’t have many complaints), but i’m always open to new products and like to switch it up every once in awhile. this one just may be a winner! 
for the first time ever, i officially own nail sprinkles. have you guys heard of these before? they’re tiny pearls that you can use on your nails to jazz up your manicure. i’m not sure how realistic they are and how long-lasting they’ll be, but they could be fun for a girl’s night or something. i also really love the shade of pink polish that i received in my box. 
lastly, i received a tube of mascara that i’ll probably hand off to my sister. as many of you know, i’m fiercely loyal to CoverGirl’s Professional Super Thick Lash so i’m not really in the market for a new one. i suppose i’ll try it just to see if it compares to what i’m used to! 
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