Fit meets Style

am i the only one that will shower, put on makeup, and style my hair just to run errands? i’m crazy, right? it doesn’t happen all the time, but it certainly happens more than i’d like to admit. or i’ll get ready for the day and just decide i feel like wearing comfortable clothes instead of putting on jeans or wearing jewelry. that’s probably more normal…
either way, i like to be comfortable when i’m running errands. mostly because living in the city requires taking public transportation and/or quite a bit of walking to go shopping. simple tasks can take some much longer because of that, so i want to be sure that i’m comfortable and have a fuss-free outfit on when doing so. these pants from Athleta are the ticket, i tell ya. they’re warm, super soft, and have side pockets that are perfect for keys or cards when i’m not carrying my purse. honestly, i bought another pair of their pants immediately after receiving these because i was wearing them constantly. and that extra long tank underneath? new favorite. it’s long enough to cover my behind when i’m wearing leggings like this, which i really like. 
what i love about this outfit is that if i decided to spontaneously workout while running my errands, i’m totally prepared to do so. let’s be honest, shopping is my favorite kind of workout. 
pants | c/o Athleta
jacket | c/o Athleta
zip-up | Marshall’s
tank | Athleta
shoes | Nike
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie 
Athleta gifted me with the items marked “c/o” as part of their Fit Style Meets Street Style Challenge
all opinions are my own.

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  1. Unknown wrote:

    Love! I wear activewear more days a week than blue jeans! I'm a dance instructor and stay-at-home mom so it's just more fitting. Super cute!

    Posted 2.5.14 Reply

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