High Five for Friday

you guys. it's cold. like really cold. and i'm over it. ready for summer and warm weather and shorts and sandals and sunshine. who's with me? this winter has been pretty brutal and i don't think it's anywhere near being over, unfortunately. it would figure that my first winter back in Chicago would be the worst in years, decades even. i woulda thought i'd bring the North Carolina sunshine with me! 

how has your week been? mine has gone by rather quickly! here's a review at some of my favorite moments:

1. last weekend, Mike and I went to Ann Sather in Lakeview for some brunch. we were AS newbies, so we weren't exactly sure what to expect. i'd heard good things, but it turns out those good things didn't do it justice. i've thought about my meal (mostly those massive and delicious cinnamon rolls) every day since. 

2. my mom came to the city to hang out with me on Tuesday. we hit up her favorite donut place in my hood (she thinks about those donuts just about as much as i think about those cinnamon rolls…sensing a trend here?), did some casual shopping, and enjoyed a yummy lunch together. it's nice to have her close enough to do midweek dates like that!

3. i know i've already beat this to death, but my cats love their igloo from Marshall's. it's occupied at all times pretty much. 

4. Mike's birthday is tomorrow! i'm excited to celebrate a birthday with him in person this year! 

5. i needed a little midweek pick-me-up so i headed to Nordstrom Rack yesterday to do some casual browsing…what did i end up walking out with? a new purse and wallet. i'm such a sucker for those things. (wallet is Kate Spade, purse is SR Squared)

link up below and share your five favorite things from this week! 


  1. Your cats in the igloo are precious! Happy Friday!

  2. Such a precious pic of your cat! Thanks for the invite to link up. I did!

  3. I am over winter myself can't wait for the heat...#cutekitty


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