High Five for Friday

happy friday, ladies! hope you’ve all had a great week – mine has gone by incredibly fast because i spent the first half of it in the suburbs with my family. which, by the way, happens to take up most of my list of the five best moments from my week:
1. my sister + nephew were in town for a few days and it was so good to spend time with them. he’s just the cutest. she’s pretty cute, too 😉
2. now that the Olympics are over, all of my favorite shows are back on TV! it’s kind of sad how happy this makes me. Chicago Fire, The Blacklist, SCANDAL, and Chicago PD were all caught up on last night during a legendary TV-catch-up-couch-session. lemme tell you, it was nice
3. out of nowhere, i had an overwhelmingly strong craving for powdered sugar donuts shortly before falling asleep a couple nights ago. i have no idea what triggered it, but i knew that i needed donuts and i needed them soon. because i’m the master of self-restraint and not indulging myself, i bought a box of them the next morning. and they were better than i remember #thisiswhyicantdiet
4. i will have my bare feet in the warm sand of a Florida beach in just 2.5 weeks. OH MY GOSH. 
5. while Kate was in town, we had a lot of time to hang out as a family and do things that we don’t normally do, like play board games. my dad is notoriously anti-game in our family, but he was more than willing to play with us one evening. it was a christmas miracle. in case you wondered, Scrabble is way more fun when played while eating a caramel apple.
how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it!

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  1. Donuts are never a bad idea!

    Posted 2.28.14 Reply
  2. Brianna wrote:

    Where are you going in Florida?

    Posted 2.28.14 Reply
  3. Lena Burns wrote:

    Have you ever seen the Chicago Fire and PD crews around town? That would be so amazing to see them shoot a scene!

    Posted 3.2.14 Reply

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