Spring Whites + Brights

i caught a cold on my flight back to Chicago last week and this thing is no joke. i’m talking swollen glands, feeling like i’m swallowing knives, sneezing constantly, and a tissue graveyard around my apartment. i haven’t been sick all winter, so maybe the germs are just combining it all into one for me. 
i’ve spent plenty of time on the couch the last 24 hours, which has naturally led me to do some online browsing (and some purchasing, let’s be real). i did venture out for a bit yesterday, to get some cold medicine and more tissues, and was pleasantly surprised by the 40ish degree weather. in fact, i was a bit overdressed and had to remove a layer or two while at Target. the warmth inspired me to get ready for Spring, even though i’m sure there’s plenty more Winter weather that’s planning to come to Chicago. i mean, why stop now, ya know? 
i’m finding that i’m really into whites/creams and neons, oddly enough. i actually really dig how they look together, so maybe that’s how. and that doesn’t apply solely to clothes and accessories, i’m leaning towards all things white and airy for home decor, too.
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i’ve got the shopping bug in a bad, bad way. i also have some other bug, but i’m hoping that one will leave me alone soon. i’ll just be over here chugging tea and inhaling Vitamin C.
 hopefully back to regular blog-programming tomorrow. 

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