Color Collections: Soft Pink

i'm a big fan of pastels for spring...or really any season. they work well with my fair skin and they're easy on the eyes. i like them to offset some of the brighter, more neon colors that are also big right now. whether it's an easy tank, pretty jewels, or home decor, soft pink is always a good idea.

3 | Gap
5 | H&M
7 | Target
8 | H&M

High Five for Friday

happy friday! truth be told, i feel like i don't know what day of the week it is because i've been 'on vacation' all week. my sister and nephew were in town, so i spent the week in the burbs with them. it was so good to hang out and see them again. 

this week has been full of great moments, mostly surrounding my tiny nephew. let's take a look back at them, shall we?

1. my sister, nephew, and parents flew into Chicago monday morning together. my original plan was to take the train out to the burbs later in the day or on Tuesday. i decided it would be fun to surprise them by baggage claim when they landed. they were definitely surprised! 

2. we did the grand tour around the area to show David off to family. there were so many moments when there'd be a group of us just fawning over him or talking about how cute he was. it's hard for me to remember what we did or talked about before he was here! 

3. i got to steal Tuna (David's nickname) away for private moments, just aunt and nephew, a couple times. even if it was chatting over a dirty diaper, i cherish those times more than i knew i could. and the fact that he likes to hold my hand when i'm near him. i mean, c'mon. 

4. Kate and i took a class at Pure Barre while we were home one morning. i had no idea what to expect before the class, so i went in pretty blind. it's probably a good thing that i did because i may have backed out if i knew just how much of a workout it was going to be. i worked muscles that i didn't even know that i had before, no lie. the day that we took the class, i wasn't sure how i liked it - it was a great workout but i didn't know if it was a good fit for me. now, two days later and just as sore, i'm realizing that it would whip me into shape reaaaaal quick and may be something that i have to do again. it's an incredible workout.

5. after four days without my cats, I'm finally back with them again and it feels great. i really miss them when i'm gone! 

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it!

Blogging 101: Growing Your Readership

for other parts in this series, check out Getting Started and Next Steps.

once you have gone through the process of getting your blog setup and writing a few posts, it's time to start growing your readership and interacting with potential followers. there are a few things that i have learned along the way that have been immensely helpful and have made blogging such a fun and interactive experience. aside from generating content, my favorite aspect is connecting with my readers and building relationships with them.

be active on social media
one of the best ways to do this is to be active on social media. i can't stress enough how important this is, whether you're new to blogging or not. it's a great way for your readers to get an inside look into your life and to learn your personality a bit more. my social platforms serve different purposes. my Facebook fan page is where i share links to my daily posts and the occasional status update or quick story. i like to use Twitter to complain about the fact that it's still freezing cold in Chicago and share all the weird things i see while walking or riding the train. Instagram is for...well, you all know what Instagram is good for. i have the most follower engagement on Instagram, then Twitter, and then Facebook. i use Pinterest to pin my outfits or beauty tutorials, but that's mostly just for me to pin my own things. all that to say, if you haven't set up your social media accounts yet, you must! find some of your favorite bloggers, brands, or friends to follow and start interacting with them.

participate in link-ups or weekly posts
another great way to gain some readers and find new followers is to participate in link-ups or weekly posts that other bloggers have started. i host the High Five for Friday link-up every Friday where bloggers of all followings and categories can come to link up and share their five favorite things that they experienced each week. if you haven't linked up yet, you should! it's a great way to get your blog out there and to click through to find other blogs that you can follow and build relationships with.

advertise on other blogs
a great way to reach new people is through advertising on other blogs, especially those with similar and/or larger followings. for example, if you're a beauty blogger, you should find a great beauty blog to advertise on. every blogger's advertising rates will be different, so you'll have to see what works for you and where you're at. a good way to start advertising (if you're not ready to invest) is to sponsor swap with a blogger that has a similar size following and demographic as you.
*i'm planning to do a full post on advertising, so that will be coming soon!

attend a blogging conference or find a local blogging community
meeting other bloggers is a wonderful way to build connections and network in the blogging community. who knows, you could make a great friend through the process! i personally haven't attended a blogging conference (i'm hope to soon!), but know some people that have and absolutely loved it. it's a great place to learn some new things and meet some new people. plus, it's a lot easier to talk about all things blogging with someone that actually understands what you're talking about ;)
if you're not ready for a conference, do a quick google search to see if there's a local blogging community where you live. if you're in/near a big city, you'll certainly find some groups. it may be a bit trickier in more rural areas, but you never know! i definitely recommend making connections with people in your area. you can build a working (and personal) relationship that is mutually beneficial.

this is certainly not an extensive list of everything that you can do to grow your readership, but these a some steps that you can take to get started. they're all relatively easy and don't take too much extra work, so you should try one or two!

if you have specific questions, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email! 

Repeat Offender

i tend to be a repeat offender when it comes to my jewelry. once i have a new item in my collection, i pretty much wear the life out of it. it wasn't until about a year ago that jewelry became an important part of my daily look. i always kept it simple, if i even chose to put on a necklace or bracelet. that has changed completely! my jewelry stash grows on just about a weekly basis. i like to have a wide variety of options and styles.  

Ashley, a Stella & Dot consultant, graciously sent me these beautiful earrings and arrow cuff. i've worn them every day since i received them. they're the perfect addition to any outfit and they're simple enough that i can pair them with other jewels without feeling 'over done'.

Ashley is giving one lucky winner the chance to add those navy beauties to their jewelry collection! be sure to shop with her and follow her on instagram!

necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie
'L' bracelet | Nashelle

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Vacation Recap

as you probably know by now, i spent the last week in florida with my mom. she and i were both desperate for a little Vitamin D and some R&R. we (along with many of you) have been suffering through one of the worst winter seasons so we were more than excited to enjoy sun and 80 degrees. some of you commented on instagram or twitter asking where we were (i try to maintain some sense of privacy/security, so i wanted to wait until i returned to spill the beans). we stayed at the Hilton on Marco Island and had a wonderful experience. for years, we set up camp at the Marriott just up the beach but they were booked this year, so the Hilton it was! 

neither of us knew what to expect because it was our first time at the hotel, but we were more than impressed with our stay. the rooms were spacious and clean, the piƱa coladas were delicious, and the spa was downright perfection. we both got massages and enjoyed the private ‘relaxation cabana’ with a jacuzzi and lounge chairs. it was so glorious, we paid a small fee to use the facilities for two other days, without getting any treatments. (i’m realizing that this is starting to sound like an ad for Hilton, but it’s not!) if you’re planning a trip to Marco Island or looking for somewhere to go, we would both highly recommend staying there.

we enjoyed shopping at the outlet mall, walking the beach, a few meals at Joey’s (if you’re in the area, they have the best caprese salad and garlic knots around…out of this world!), and getting some sun, too. it’s nice to have a little color to my skin after the long winter. it was a wonderful vacation and we’re both looking forward to going back next year with my sister. 

it turns out, the vacation doesn’t end there! my sister and cuter-than-ever nephew are heading home today for a few days! i’m so excited to see both of them equally (but slightly more excited to see David. shhh!). i’ll be spending a few days in the burbs with them. 

it is at this point that i realize just how incredibly thankful i am to have such a flexible schedule. being that i work for myself (i have a handmade jewelry business and this blog), i can take a week to travel or work remotely. i do a lot of planning ahead (in fact, i’m writing this post on my flight back to Chicago from Florida) so that i can actually relax during times like that. truthfully, i miss working when i take a few days off. i’m always re-energized and inspired and look forward to getting back to a routine and working. i pray that i never take this time in my life for granted. 

be sure to check back tomorrow for a fun Stella & Dot giveaway! 

High Five for Friday

happy friday, party people. as i write this, i'm relaxing in my hotel room, coffee in hand, beach nearby, sun shining. and it's snowing at home (insert all the angry emojis here). to say that i'm enjoying Florida is an understatement. it is heaven

my mom and i have so enjoyed ourselves. we got massages at the spa yesterday, have enjoyed delicious meals, done some good shopping, and had a few laughs along the way. i've finally reached the point in my life where 'getting a tan' is just about the last thing on my list of things to do on a beach vacation. although it's nice to look a little sun-kissed, i'm way more interested in walking the beach, checking out the area, enjoying spa services, etc. i've finally reached adulthood.

here's a look back at five of my favorite things from this week:

1. Chicago celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Saturday, so Mike and i headed over to the river to see it dyed green and enjoy the festivities. side note: i didn't realize how little green i have in my wardrobe until this day.

2. i miss the cats terribly when i'm not with them, especially since i know that i'm missing out on these kind of antics.

3. buffet breakfasts are my favorite. they're so good, am i right?

4. i found the cutest sunglasses at Kate Spade (i indicated on instagram that they were from the outlet - i lied! oops! i had a coupon, so i was able to purchase them at a lower price from the retail store) while here.

5. i get to see my sister and nephew in a few days!!

how has your week been? link up below to tell me about it! 

Color Collections: Mint

mint is one of my favorite colors. i love the softness and versatility of it. it's one of those colors that can be used in any season. weather you're welcoming spring with some mint baubles or trying to add a little color to a drab winter wardrobe with a mint scarf or bag, it's the perfect option. it goes well with just about every other color and is a good choice to offset spring's most popular neon colors. 

these are just a few of my favorite mint things from some of my most-shopped stores.

shorts | J.CREW Factory
earrings | BaubleBar
pouch | J.CREW
sweatshirt | Old Navy
scarf | Forever 21
purse | Forever 21
bracelet | J.CREW Factory
trinket box | Urban Outfitters

March Beauty Box 5

i received my March box from Beauty Box 5 the other day and was really pleased when i opened it up and saw what was inside. i've been receiving boxes for quite a few months and this is one of my favorites. i love the combination of skincare and makeup, especially the items that i received this month.

dual-sided facial pad: i'm excited about this for exfoliating during the spring and summer months. i don't exfoliate often, so i'm hoping this pad will encourage me to change that. i use a cleanser with exfoliating beads in it, but don't do a regular exfoliation on my skin. this pad will be perfect for that.

shea body butter: i'm a big fan of body butter, especially since my skin is so dry these days. i have a large container of it in my bathroom that i use every night on my hands before i go to bed, but this one will be perfect for travel and to keep in my purse while i'm on the go. it's coconut lime scented, so it smells just like a warm summer day. yes, please.

nail polish: i haven't used this brand of nail polish before, but i like the bright pink shade of this one. i'm kind of picky when it comes to polishes that i use because there's only a few that actually go chip-less for more than a day, so i'm curious to see if this one will fall into that category or not.

bar soap: i'm excited about this all-natural soap. it smells delicious and i appreciate that it's handmade. it's perfect to throw in my travel bag for trips away so that i can avoid using hotel room soap. 

makeup base: i'm especially excited about this one. it's a creamy consistency that illuminates and highlights beautifully. i'll try it as concealer, but if that doesn't work, it will be great to highlight my darker areas, like under my eyes. it's the perfect size to throw in my purse for a quick touch-up during the afternoon.

if you're interested in receiving a monthly box from Beauty Box 5, you can sign up here!

Giveaway | Fizz & Frosting

today's giveaway comes from Lauren of Fizz & Frosting. Lauren has been a loyal sponsor of Lauren Elizabeth and she's been a wonderful addition to my sidebar (and giveaways!). her blog is a wonderful mix of personal style, real life, and bumpdates (she's expecting!).

if i were the recipient of the gift card, i'd put it towards this, this, or these. or pretty much anything else. because let's be honest, i love everything they have.

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High Five for Friday

happy friday, kittens! another week, come and gone. it's actually crazy how fast time is going by these days. i wonder if it's ever going to slow down again! my week didn't start great (read: bed-laden with a nasty and fierce cold) but it's ended well, minus the cold weather and snow we suffered through. i mean, honestly, when is spring going to permanently reside in Chicago? 

lucky for me, i'm jetting off to Florida with my mom on monday for a few glorious days on the beach. we've been counting down the days for about a month now, so we're both pretty excited to feel the warmth of the sun again. 

here's a look back at five of my favorite things from this week:

1. because i'm going to be out of town for the week, i spent yesterday doing some blog planning and drafting posts. i prefer to work ahead so that i don't have to even think about writing a post while i'm relaxing on the beach. Otis decided to accompany me.

2. although being sick is no fun, it was nice to have a couple days to relax and unplug from the world. even if that did include blowing my nose constantly and sleeping restlessly.

3. for the first time all week, i actually showered in the morning, put on my regular makeup, styled my hair, AND got dressed/accessorized. it was a big deal.

4. tomorrow is the big St. Patrick's Day celebration in Chicago and i'm excited to experience it for the first time! 

5. the cats were extra cuddly and great companions for me this week. i sure do love them.

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it! 

Carry-On Essentials

< bag >
arguably, the bag is the most important part of this whole situation. it needs to be large enough to store your things, but also stylish. i prefer a bag with a zipper, since i'll be storing it by my feet and don't want to risk anything rolling out. and one with a little extra room for snacks or a surprise purchase at an airport store.

 < magazines >
i tend to only read magazines while traveling, so i like to buy a few before the trip to bring with me. it's nice to have something to flip through while waiting at the gate or if there are any delays.

< journal + pen >
i've found the airplane to be a place where i can do some significant brainstorming for blog ideas and other things. it's probably due to the fact that i'm disconnected from the internet for a couple hours, so my mind is actually capable of thinking without interruptions. i like to have a notebook and a pen handy for when i do get new ideas so that i don't forget them as soon as i land.

< iPad >
i rarely, if ever, travel without it. it has plenty of games and allows me to connect to Southwest's WiFi to watch free TV and track the flight. plus it's nice to have something other than my phone to connect to the internet while staying in a hotel.

< headphones >
you'll rarely find me on a plane without headphones in. i'm almost always listening to music, especially now that i can listen during takeoff and landing (my least favorite parts of the flight)

< hand cream >
i wash my hands a lot, in general, but definitely when traveling. i make sure to have a travel-size hand cream with me at all times, especially since my hands get so dry on the plane.

< card holder >
i typically carry my purse and carry-on bag separately, but don't always want to rifle through my purse for my wallet if i stop in a store to grab a magazine or snack. i've found the easiest way to avoid this is to put my debit card and ID in a small card holder that i can have in the front pocket of my carry-on, so that i can grab it whenever i need it.

< hair clip >
it's usually my luck that it's raining, snowing, or incredibly windy on my commute to the airport (which requires some walking/standing outside as i wait for public transportation) so my efforts spent styling my hair that morning usually all go to waste by time i get indoors. good thing i have a trusty hair clip with me to come to my rescue.

< tinted lip balm >
for early morning flights, i like to have some tinted lip balm handy to give myself a little 'life'. my facial expressions certainly won't be pleasant, but a little pop of pink may help ;)

 < chapstick >
i always have chapstick on me. always.

< travel charger >
i nearly run the battery out on my phone every time i fly, so i make sure to have my portable charger ready to go before the flight. there's nothing worse that realizing you have less than 20% battery and it's only noon.

< scarf >
i'm almost always freezing on the plane, no matter what season or what i'm wearing. i like to pack a light scarf in my carry-on that i can use to warm up with.

Spring Transitions

Chicago has been so kind as to hand us a few 50 degree days so far, so i've been able to start transitioning into spring styles and pairings. as i'm writing this, there's a winter storm on it's way to drop off a few inches of snow (arghhh), so i'm still tapping into my winter wardrobe these days. 

i found this jacket/outerwear piece a couple weeks ago and just had to have it, even though i may not be able to wear it much until next fall. it's the perfect piece that can be worn in so many different ways: pair it with a feminine dress for a funky feel, add it over a graphic tee for a polished look, or simply wear it with a classic white tee and jeans for an effortlessly chic outfit. this is one of those pieces that is a staple and i'm glad to finally have one. (it also wrinkles fairly easily, i see. interestingly, i steamed that sucker just before may be a 2 or 3 time steam job in the future).

signing off now, as i continue to binge-watch Revenge from the comforts of my bed. the cats are asleep by my feet, tissues are in abundance beside me, and warm tea is in my hand. this cold better be the last one i meet for a long, long time... 

jacket | Cusp
top | J.Crew (similar)
skirt | Madewell
booties | Target
earrings | Forever 21

March Julep Box

my March Julep box arrived last week and, once again, i was very pleased with the contents. i received the 'Classic with a Twist' box again. it included two polishes and a lipgloss.

Soraphine is a really nice sheer polish that's good for a 'barely there' look. i have a feeling it's going to be on regular rotation through the spring and summer because of how sheer and delicate it is.

Myriam is a bold red that i love for my toes. i prefer bold colors for my toes, especially during the warmer months when wearing sandals or wedges.

the lipgloss is the first from Julep that i've received. Graceful is a pretty pale pink that adds the perfect tint. i'm typically not a lip gloss girl because i don't like how sticky they are. this one is definitely sticky, but paired with a sheer lipstick or lip balm, it's a beautiful color and long-lasting.

i so look forward to receiving my boxes each month! 

Blending In

it's been just over six months since i moved into my apartment in Chicago. in some ways, i can't believe it's been six whole months already. i feel like the time has gone by so quickly and there's still so much about the city that i have yet to learn and discover. in other ways, i feel like i've been here forever. part of that may be due to the fact that i grew up not far from the city so it's familiar, but i can't believe that it was just six months ago that i was living in North Carolina. honestly, it feels like a totally different life. it's strange how that can happen.

it took me about this long to feel like i finally belong here. when i walk around or sit on the el, i feel like i really fit in here, like i look like a native Chicago gal. which is a pretty good feeling. this city feels like home to me now. i know the lay of the land, the way things work, and what to expect from people. i'm no longer 'the new girl'. in fact, i feel like i blend in pretty well. 

speaking of blending in, i found these camo pants at Old Navy last week and was so thrilled. i've been on the hunt for them for about as long as i've been in Chicago and i finally found some that i love! oh, and they were $19 when i bought them. you can't really beat that. 

chambray | J.Crew Factory (similar)
sweatshirt | Gap (similar)
pants | Old Navy
booties | Kohl's (similar)
necklace | J.Crew Factory
earrings | very old
'L' bracelet | c/o Nissa Jewelry
druzy bracelet | c/o Liza Schwartz Jewelry
watch | Kate Spade

High Five for Friday

happy friday, kitty cats! hope you've all had a great week. mine has gone by pretty quickly, which means that i'm that much closer to being on the beaches of Florida (in a week and a half). i'm also beyond thrilled that the sun is setting later because that means that spring is around the corner.

here's a look back at five of my favorite things from this week:

1. i discovered that the grocery store nearby is selling Girl Scout cookies and it is a problem. i have consumed more than i care to share, and i don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

2. so i've basically been begging Mike to do a little training session with me in my building's workout room. i'm fully capable of operating a treadmill, but know just about nothing when it comes to weights and weight machines. he was here last weekend and showed me some good exercises that i've actually been able to do without supervision. it feels so good to be working out regularly again.

3. it was Chicago's birthday this week! i sure do love this city. and it was actually warm enough to walk my errands instead of having to use public transportation.

4. i walked into Marshall's yesterday 'just to look' and ended up with a few things to Spring-ify my place. it feels good to add some more color and brighten up the space!

5. i recently purchased a couple more Julep polishes and am pretty thrilled with what i chose. i've already used the grey and purple and they're beautiful on. i can't say enough good things about their products.
top to bottom: Liz, Daria, Lauren, Bette
how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it! 

Let's Talk Jewels

if you asked me a couple years ago what my favorite piece of jewelry was, i would have a pretty hard time giving you an answer because i seldom wore any. i had to be feeling extra fancy on a day that i put a piece of jewelry on. it was weird. especially since i feel like i can't get enough jewelry these days.

bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings...i love all of it. most days, you'll find me wearing earrings and rings, especially since most days are spent working from home. i don't feel the need to fully accessorize for the cats quite yet ;)

i've learned to have a wide variety of types of jewelry. i have statement necklaces, pendant necklaces, and more simple, delicate necklaces. the same goes for earrings -  i have my go-to's, like those gold spades, and then statement earrings, too. once the weather is warmer, i'm going to be wearing those bright statement earrings a lot. i've come around to bracelets in recent months because i'm no longer in school and i don't work a traditional desk job. am i the only one that hates the sound of bracelets hitting a desk every 3 seconds? i never wore bracelets in school because i didn't like making noise in class when i would go to rest my wrist on the table. alas, i'm no longer in school so i can wear bracelets whenever i feel! that's true freedom. 

i just love having a wide variety of items to choose from. i have something to satisfy every mood and to complement just about every outfit i could wear in my closet. and that makes me a very happy girl.

*slightly embarrassingly, this isn't even a fraction of the jewelry i have collected. it's just my small collection of go-to items right now. 

2 | c/o Nashelle 
3 | Anthropologie 
5 | c/o Delezhen 
6 | c/o Pradman Jewelry 
7 | Banana Republic 
8 | Stella & Dot c/o Ashley
9 | Kate Spade 
12 | c/o Nissa Jewelry 
13 | c/o Liza Schwartz 
14 | c/o Nissa Jewelry 
15 | Stella & Dot c/o Ashley

Spring Accessories

i'm an accessory girl. always have been, always will be. i feel rather bare if i leave the house without some sort of jewelry, purse, scarf, or other item. not to mention, i love to buy accessories. it's probably my favorite category to shop for. 

with the spring season (eventually) approaching, i'm collecting some lightweight scarves and fun jewelry to help celebrate the warmer weather and the end of one of the worst winters ever. i've already loaded up on bright statement jewels from Forever 21, a fab spring handbag from Kate Spade (which will be making it's debut rather soon), and a couple scarves from various places, including Symbology

if i'm being totally honest with you, i don't typically think about where the products come from that i'm buying. as you probably know, i studied textiles in college, so i know quite a bit about working conditions in factories and the fashion industry as a whole. overall, it's not all. but there are some wonderful brands and companies that are incredibly conscious about their practices and the products they're selling - Symbology being one of them. 

here's a little about them:
We fuse artisan fabrics from developing countries with fashion forward designs to create authentically beautiful pieces--each that tells a story of empowerment. It is also important that each item is handcrafted by women in India, many of whom have little to no education yet possess amazing artisan skills. Through building a high end fashion label that merges these skills with beautiful fashion, we invest in women to be agents of change in their communities!

awesome, right? not only is that elephant scarf adorable, but it's also got some good stuff behind it, which makes me feel even better when wearing it. Symbology is graciously giving away the same scarf to one lucky reader! use the giveaway tool below to enter! 

if you just can't wait to find out if you won or not, use code lerocks for 20% off!  
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top | c/o Vestique
earrings | Forever 21

Blogging 101: Next Steps

if you missed the first part of this series, you can read it here.

i don't consider myself an expert on blogging, by any means. in fact, i know that i still have plenty to learn and am always looking for ways to improve my blog. however, i've curated this online resource over the past two and a half years, and have seen great success (much more than i ever expected!) and found so much joy in blogging and sharing my life with my readers. with that being said, please just take my tips and information as suggestions and ideas, not as the only way to do things in blogland. every person is different and every blog is different. what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. so, with that, let's chat a bit about the next steps after you've decided to start a blog.

choose a platform or host.
it probably goes without saying, but you have to pick a hosting/platform website when you decide to start a blog. the two i've heard most frequently used are Blogger and Wordpress. i run mine through Blogger. it was the platform i was most familiar with when i decided to start my blog, so it just made sense to me to use it. i don't have any real complaints about it -- it's very easy to navigate, fairly easy to customize, and i like that it's connected with my gmail account. if you're not sure which platform to choose, i recommend doing a simple google search for comparisons or reviews.

think about a blog design.
for me, one of the most exciting things about having a blog is considering my blog design. it's changed quite a few times over the course of the last couple years, but i really enjoy changing it up and trying new things. when i first started, i worked with a graphic designer i found on Etsy to use one of her pre-made Blogger templates. if you're not design-savvy, i recommend going that route! or finding a blogger/designer that offers affordable options, especially for starting out. of course, you can play with the design capabilities of the host website to see if you can customize it to your liking!

set up your social media.
social media is arguably one of the most important aspects of having a successful blog, just behind having quality content and an appealing space. you can either change your usernames to reflect your blog name or start new accounts. a great way to get your blog out there is to include your URL on all of your social media profiles, especially if you have existing followers and want to let them know about your new blog!

get the basics on your blog. 
for me, i wanted to have my blog all set up and ready for an audience before i started telling people about it. i made sure to have an 'about me' page for new visitors, social media buttons for them to follow me elsewhere, a 'contact' page so they could get in touch with me, and a photo of myself on my sidebar so that they could put a face to the writing on my blog. these 'basics' can be different for everyone, but i do recommend checking out other blogs and websites to see what you can add for your followers to utilize.

write your first post.
once you feel like everything is ready to go, you're all set to write your first post! there's no rules for this, but it could be a good idea to do a little 'introduction' about who you are and what you plan to write about or what your background is. chances are, new visitors will read it and be intrigued to come back and continue reading if you're engaging and/or plan to share topics that they're interested in.

don't put too much pressure on yourself. when i look back at my first few posts, i cringe a little bit. but that's okay! enjoy the process and allow yourself to make mistakes and evolve.

have a specific question or want me to address a certain topic? leave a comment or shoot me an email!

iPad wallpaper | Aubrey Kinch

Winter White

the weekend snow inspired me to pull out some more of my winter whites. truthfully, i forgot i even had this sweater in my closet until i reorganized over the weekend. it was one of those 'oh my gosh! i love this!' moments where i rediscovered something i had never even worn yet. exciting things were happening here, people. 

really, though, i love the rich white with the pop of fun on the elbows. it's one of those 'business in the front, party in the back' situations, but the good kind. 

sweater | Banana Republic
pants | Target
flats | DSW
belt | Target
necklace | Stella & Dot c/o Ashley