Blending In

it’s been just over six months since i moved into my apartment in Chicago. in some ways, i can’t believe it’s been six whole months already. i feel like the time has gone by so quickly and there’s still so much about the city that i have yet to learn and discover. in other ways, i feel like i’ve been here forever. part of that may be due to the fact that i grew up not far from the city so it’s familiar, but i can’t believe that it was just six months ago that i was living in North Carolina. honestly, it feels like a totally different life. it’s strange how that can happen.
it took me about this long to feel like i finally belong here. when i walk around or sit on the el, i feel like i really fit in here, like i look like a native Chicago gal. which is a pretty good feeling. this city feels like home to me now. i know the lay of the land, the way things work, and what to expect from people. i’m no longer ‘the new girl’. in fact, i feel like i blend in pretty well. 
speaking of blending in, i found these camo pants at Old Navy last week and was so thrilled. i’ve been on the hunt for them for about as long as i’ve been in Chicago and i finally found some that i love! oh, and they were $19 when i bought them. you can’t really beat that. 

chambray | J.Crew Factory (similar)
sweatshirt | Gap (similar)
pants | Old Navy
booties | Kohl’s (similar)
necklace | J.Crew Factory
earrings | very old
‘L’ bracelet | c/o Nissa Jewelry
druzy bracelet | c/o Liza Schwartz Jewelry
watch | Kate Spade

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