Carry-On Essentials

< bag >
arguably, the bag is the most important part of this whole situation. it needs to be large enough to store your things, but also stylish. i prefer a bag with a zipper, since i’ll be storing it by my feet and don’t want to risk anything rolling out. and one with a little extra room for snacks or a surprise purchase at an airport store.

 < magazines >
i tend to only read magazines while traveling, so i like to buy a few before the trip to bring with me. it’s nice to have something to flip through while waiting at the gate or if there are any delays.

< journal + pen >
i’ve found the airplane to be a place where i can do some significant brainstorming for blog ideas and other things. it’s probably due to the fact that i’m disconnected from the internet for a couple hours, so my mind is actually capable of thinking without interruptions. i like to have a notebook and a pen handy for when i do get new ideas so that i don’t forget them as soon as i land.

< iPad >
i rarely, if ever, travel without it. it has plenty of games and allows me to connect to Southwest’s WiFi to watch free TV and track the flight. plus it’s nice to have something other than my phone to connect to the internet while staying in a hotel.

< headphones >
you’ll rarely find me on a plane without headphones in. i’m almost always listening to music, especially now that i can listen during takeoff and landing (my least favorite parts of the flight)

< hand cream >
i wash my hands a lot, in general, but definitely when traveling. i make sure to have a travel-size hand cream with me at all times, especially since my hands get so dry on the plane.

< card holder >
i typically carry my purse and carry-on bag separately, but don’t always want to rifle through my purse for my wallet if i stop in a store to grab a magazine or snack. i’ve found the easiest way to avoid this is to put my debit card and ID in a small card holder that i can have in the front pocket of my carry-on, so that i can grab it whenever i need it.

< hair clip >
it’s usually my luck that it’s raining, snowing, or incredibly windy on my commute to the airport (which requires some walking/standing outside as i wait for public transportation) so my efforts spent styling my hair that morning usually all go to waste by time i get indoors. good thing i have a trusty hair clip with me to come to my rescue.

< tinted lip balm >
for early morning flights, i like to have some tinted lip balm handy to give myself a little ‘life’. my facial expressions certainly won’t be pleasant, but a little pop of pink may help 😉

 < chapstick >
i always have chapstick on me. always.

< travel charger >
i nearly run the battery out on my phone every time i fly, so i make sure to have my portable charger ready to go before the flight. there’s nothing worse that realizing you have less than 20% battery and it’s only noon.

< scarf >
i’m almost always freezing on the plane, no matter what season or what i’m wearing. i like to pack a light scarf in my carry-on that i can use to warm up with.

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  1. AnnieJ wrote:

    I love the bag! I can tell it is Kate Spade but can't find it online- did you get it recently?

    Posted 3.14.14 Reply

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