High Five for Friday

happy friday, kitty cats! hope you’ve all had a great week. mine has gone by pretty quickly, which means that i’m that much closer to being on the beaches of Florida (in a week and a half). i’m also beyond thrilled that the sun is setting later because that means that spring is around the corner.
here’s a look back at five of my favorite things from this week:
1. i discovered that the grocery store nearby is selling Girl Scout cookies and it is a problem. i have consumed more than i care to share, and i don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.
2. so i’ve basically been begging Mike to do a little training session with me in my building’s workout room. i’m fully capable of operating a treadmill, but know just about nothing when it comes to weights and weight machines. he was here last weekend and showed me some good exercises that i’ve actually been able to do without supervision. it feels so good to be working out regularly again.
3. it was Chicago’s birthday this week! i sure do love this city. and it was actually warm enough to walk my errands instead of having to use public transportation.
4. i walked into Marshall’s yesterday ‘just to look’ and ended up with a few things to Spring-ify my place. it feels good to add some more color and brighten up the space!
5. i recently purchased a couple more Julep polishes and am pretty thrilled with what i chose. i’ve already used the grey and purple and they’re beautiful on. i can’t say enough good things about their products.
top to bottom: Liz, Daria, Lauren, Bette
how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it! 

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    What?! No Milo and Otis picture?

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