High Five for Friday

happy friday, kittens! another week, come and gone. it’s actually crazy how fast time is going by these days. i wonder if it’s ever going to slow down again! my week didn’t start great (read: bed-laden with a nasty and fierce cold) but it’s ended well, minus the cold weather and snow we suffered through. i mean, honestly, when is spring going to permanently reside in Chicago? 
lucky for me, i’m jetting off to Florida with my mom on monday for a few glorious days on the beach. we’ve been counting down the days for about a month now, so we’re both pretty excited to feel the warmth of the sun again. 
here’s a look back at five of my favorite things from this week:
1. because i’m going to be out of town for the week, i spent yesterday doing some blog planning and drafting posts. i prefer to work ahead so that i don’t have to even think about writing a post while i’m relaxing on the beach. Otis decided to accompany me.

2. although being sick is no fun, it was nice to have a couple days to relax and unplug from the world. even if that did include blowing my nose constantly and sleeping restlessly.

3. for the first time all week, i actually showered in the morning, put on my regular makeup, styled my hair, AND got dressed/accessorized. it was a big deal.

4. tomorrow is the big St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Chicago and i’m excited to experience it for the first time! 

5. the cats were extra cuddly and great companions for me this week. i sure do love them.
how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it! 

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