High Five for Friday

happy friday! truth be told, i feel like i don’t know what day of the week it is because i’ve been ‘on vacation’ all week. my sister and nephew were in town, so i spent the week in the burbs with them. it was so good to hang out and see them again. 
this week has been full of great moments, mostly surrounding my tiny nephew. let’s take a look back at them, shall we?
1. my sister, nephew, and parents flew into Chicago monday morning together. my original plan was to take the train out to the burbs later in the day or on Tuesday. i decided it would be fun to surprise them by baggage claim when they landed. they were definitely surprised! 
2. we did the grand tour around the area to show David off to family. there were so many moments when there’d be a group of us just fawning over him or talking about how cute he was. it’s hard for me to remember what we did or talked about before he was here! 
3. i got to steal Tuna (David’s nickname) away for private moments, just aunt and nephew, a couple times. even if it was chatting over a dirty diaper, i cherish those times more than i knew i could. and the fact that he likes to hold my hand when i’m near him. i mean, c’mon. 
4. Kate and i took a class at Pure Barre while we were home one morning. i had no idea what to expect before the class, so i went in pretty blind. it’s probably a good thing that i did because i may have backed out if i knew just how much of a workout it was going to be. i worked muscles that i didn’t even know that i had before, no lie. the day that we took the class, i wasn’t sure how i liked it – it was a great workout but i didn’t know if it was a good fit for me. now, two days later and just as sore, i’m realizing that it would whip me into shape reaaaaal quick and may be something that i have to do again. it’s an incredible workout.
5. after four days without my cats, I’m finally back with them again and it feels great. i really miss them when i’m gone! 
how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it!

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