Let’s Talk Jewels

if you asked me a couple years ago what my favorite piece of jewelry was, i would have a pretty hard time giving you an answer because i seldom wore any. i had to be feeling extra fancy on a day that i put a piece of jewelry on. it was weird. especially since i feel like i can’t get enough jewelry these days.
bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings…i love all of it. most days, you’ll find me wearing earrings and rings, especially since most days are spent working from home. i don’t feel the need to fully accessorize for the cats quite yet 😉
i’ve learned to have a wide variety of types of jewelry. i have statement necklaces, pendant necklaces, and more simple, delicate necklaces. the same goes for earrings –  i have my go-to’s, like those gold spades, and then statement earrings, too. once the weather is warmer, i’m going to be wearing those bright statement earrings a lot. i’ve come around to bracelets in recent months because i’m no longer in school and i don’t work a traditional desk job. am i the only one that hates the sound of bracelets hitting a desk every 3 seconds? i never wore bracelets in school because i didn’t like making noise in class when i would go to rest my wrist on the table. alas, i’m no longer in school so i can wear bracelets whenever i feel! that’s true freedom. 
i just love having a wide variety of items to choose from. i have something to satisfy every mood and to complement just about every outfit i could wear in my closet. and that makes me a very happy girl.
*slightly embarrassingly, this isn’t even a fraction of the jewelry i have collected. it’s just my small collection of go-to items right now. 

2 | c/o Nashelle 
3 | Anthropologie 
5 | c/o Delezhen 
6 | c/o Pradman Jewelry 
7 | Banana Republic 
8 | Stella & Dot c/o Ashley
9 | Kate Spade 
12 | c/o Nissa Jewelry 
13 | c/o Liza Schwartz 
14 | c/o Nissa Jewelry 
15 | Stella & Dot c/o Ashley

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  1. Twin mom wrote:

    I have to have that pink and gray necklace!! Where'd you get it?!?

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply

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