my April box from Beauty Box 5 arrived last week. i'm always excited to open the box to see what's inside. this box was a little disappointing to me. typically, i use at least two of the products that are included in my boxes, but this one only had one that i would actually consider purchasing. 

my box included eye shadows, lipstick, lip liner, self-tanner, and cleansing wipes. can you guess which one i'd actually use? cleansing wipes! it's a nice travel container of wipes that's perfect to toss in my purse or car for on-the-go messes. the lipstick was a shimmery brownish red, which just isn't a good color for my skin. the eyeshadows, as seen in the photo, weren't colors that i'd wear on a regular basis, but they could be good for a costume party or other event that requires purple eyeshadow ;)
i'm not much of a self-tanner girl, although some people would probably advise me to be since i'm so...fair. 

overall, it wasn't my best box but i still enjoyed opening it and learning about the different brands of products that i haven't heard of before. 

do you receive Beauty Box 5? what did you think of you box?