Casual Sunday

i spent the weekend at home in the suburbs and it was pretty delightful. as much as i love the sounds, commotion, and variety that city life offers, there’s something to say for having a quiet getaway in the burbs.
i had another epiphany of sorts this weekend. i finally reached the point where i don’t consider my jewelry business to just be a ‘for now’ thing. when i first decided i was moving to chicago, i spent months looking for jobs, applying, and interviewing for a few. nothing worked out and i was stressed. i knew that i had my jewelry business to get me through, but was anticipating needing additional income to supplement my bills and expenses. now, almost nine months later, i’m proud to say that the business is still thriving and i’m supporting myself. instead of thinking of it as a ‘thing that i’ll do until i have to get a real job’,  it is my real job and i hope to do it for a long time. does that make sense? 
it’s almost like i’ve finally validated it as a potential career, instead of just a job to get me to my career. truthfully, it’s nearly impossible for me to imagine myself doing anything differently, but i’m open to new opportunities with the business and for ways to help it grow so that i can do it for a very long time. 
in totally separate news, it’s my cousin’s birthday today and she’s turning 16. i remember when she was born. i’m officially old. (insert surprised/embarrassed emoji here)
p.s. those bangles from are from Ashley, a Stella & Dot consultant, and i wear them everyday. if you’re ever looking for a rep, contact her. she’s awesome! 
top | j.crew factory (similar)
jeans | target
jacket | zara
scarf | zara (similar)
bag | olivia & joy (similar)
necklace | j.crew factory
watch | kate spade
bracelets | stella & dot c/o ashley
flats | j.crew factory (similar)

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