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is it just me or is this the longest winter in history? i mean, seriously. it’s officially outrageous. i check the weather multiple times a day in hopes that it will miraculously whisper promises of spring and i’m almost always disappointed. we’ve had a few days in the 50’s but i’m ready for sunshine and a minimum of 60 degrees. i’m not sure if living in the south for almost three years made me appreciate warmth or absolutely despise winter. i think it did a little bit of both. 
since winter is never-ending, i’m finding it even more important to keep my skin hydrated and summer-ready. i’ve been using these products lately to do just that. 
this stuff smells divine. they straight up bottled the beach in this baby. at just under 6 bucks, it’s definitely worth it. not only does it smell amazing, but it really is extra-rich lotion. i can basically feel my skin soaking it all up and silently thanking me for the coconut goodness.
i use this body butter on my hands every night before bed (and sometimes during the day!). now that i use public transportation and touch a lot of things that other people touch throughout my days, i’m always washing my hands. it keeps them clean but dries them out so much, so i’ve found the need for a thick and moisturizing body butter. this one fits the bill perfectly and smells wonderful.
i’m a lip balm addict, born and raised. well not really, but i can’t remember a time in my life when i didn’t have a lip balm within arms reach. i really like Burt’s Bees and this grapefruit flavored one is no exception. it smells great and hydrates my lips well. 
another great lip balm that doubles as a moisturizer for other dry areas. it’s super light and (surprise!) smells great.
i found this gem at TJ Maxx and knew i had to have it. as with every other item on this list, it smells amazing. something about adding bubbles to the bath just takes it to another level, especially when they smell like tiny coconuts. sign me up.
i’ve grown to really love a good body scrub. i like this sugar scrub because it’s gentle and leaves my skin feeling soft-as-ever. not to mention, it’s great for at-home pedicures, too!
i’m not able to capture the true wonder of this scent. it really is something that you just have to try for yourself. i first used it at my sister’s a few months back and knew i just had to have some for myself. it’s one of those body washes that the scent sticks with you even after you rinse it off. so, it’s basically perfume that you put on in the shower. 
i wish i could say that this is an extensive list of the products that are currently abiding in my bathroom cabinet, but that would be a lie. i’ve become somewhat of a hoarder, so i’m trying to work through them one by one. these, however, are certainly my repeat purchase products. 

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