New To The Family (Beauty Products)

i’ve been slowly adding to my ‘new products’ collection in my cosmetics bag and have come across a few favorites. my mom wasn’t using that Laura Mercier bronzer, so she passed it along to me and i’m so glad that she did. i’d been using MAC’s bronzer (in refined golden) for years and was looking for something new. i don’t mind the shimmer in this one because i feel like it adds a little extra glow. lord knows, my poor fair skin needs as much help as it can get in the ‘looking bronzed’ department. 
i’ve been using the Benefit concealer for a couple months and love it. if you’ve never seen it before, it has an outer ring of moisturizer that goes on with the concealer, so it’s extra smooth and silky. it covers up my under-eyes great and lasts all day for me without the need to touch up. also from Benefit, the illuminator has become my best friend. once i’ve finished applying my makeup, i rub a bit on the apples of my cheeks, my T zone, and the corners of the mouth to brighten those spots up a bit. it really does the job well.
the Smashbox palette is my most recent purchase and i’ve used it everyday since. i always thought that i was anti-matte eyeshadow until i started using the matte colors from my Naked2 palette and realized that i really like them. i was browsing through the store with my sister and came across this perfect trio of colors. it’s great for creating a smoky eye for day, or getting a bit more dramatic for night. 

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