She Was Here

for a fleeting moment this weekend, Spring was here. she showed up just in time…i was about to pack my bags and move to Hawaii in hopes of finding warm weather and seeing the sun every once in awhile. she was wonderful and delightful and perfect. and then she left again. i miss her.
seriously, though, this weekend was beautiful. mike and i grabbed some greek food and then walked to Lincoln Park Zoo to see the animals. he could watch the monkeys, gorillas, and apes for hours. i could just stare at the lions, cervals, and leopards. they’re all pretty amazing. 
my favorite part of the day, though, was being able to walk everywhere. i mean, that’s one of the best aspects of living in the city, isn’t it? 
come back, Spring! please!

jeans | madewell
tee | target
vest | h&m
sweater | hot mama (similar)
necklace | elisabeth ashlie jewelry
shoes | converse
purse | forever 21 (similar)

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