Summer's Secret

with Summer just a few short months away, i'm already thinking of all the things that i want to do and experience in the city. it will be my first summer living here, so i'm pretty excited to take advantage of the (hopefully) warm weather and the endless amounts of fun. i can't wait to just walk out the door and actually feel the warmth of my skin. i live just a couple blocks from the beach, so you know that i'll be spending plenty of time there, as well. 

also on my list is taking advantage of all the festivals and things that happen during the summer months. music in the park, outdoor movies, baseball games, workouts in the park, the blues festival...really, the list goes on and on. it wasn't until about a year ago that i started to really appreciate listening to live music, especially when it's outdoors and the weather is good. i plan to take full advantage of that this summer. it's on my bucket list to attend a big music festival sometime. Lollapalooza takes place in Chicago, so maybe that will be the one i choose since it's right in my backyard! 

if i were going, here's what i'd bring with me:

festivals are the perfect place to show off your inner boho. aztec prints, quirky tanks, cut off shorts, and jewel-toned jewelry is what i'd focus on. of course, you have to have some comfortable shoes and a sturdy purse to hold the essentials, like a tinted lip balm and portable phone charger. the most important accessory, though, is your own scent. being outside in the sun for hours with tons of other people means that you need a great deodorant and body spray.

Secret's got you covered! Their new Destinations Collection smells amazing and features 48-hour protection. i've tried it and it works! the scents include Paris Romantic Rose, which literally transports you to a cafe in Paris sipping a latte and enjoying some sort of delicious baked good. Brazil Rainforest Mist drops you in the dewy rainforest where monkeys and other tiny creatures abound. my favorite, Hawaii Citrus Breeze, takes you to the beaches of Hawaii, sipping a piƱa colada and listening to the waves crash on the sand. it's that good.

whether you want to smell Parisian, Brazilian, or Hawaiian (or a combination!), you'll be the best smelling gal around. i have a feeling i'll be using these products all summer long.

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Secret through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Secret, all opinions are my own.

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