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the internet has been abuzz with talk of bareMinerals’ new liquid foundation, bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation. although i’m not a regular user of bareMinerals products, my sister loves them and i’ve been in the store with her a few times. trying bareSkin was my first time experimenting with any bareMinerals products, and i’m thinking it may be the beginning of a beautiful love affair. 

i received a box of 5 different shades of bareSkin, along with the Perfecting Face Brush. i tried both the Bare Porcelain and Bare Shell shades and they both fared quite well with my setting powder, bronzer, and blush. using it on a regular basis, i would opt for the Bare Shell shade because it has a bit more pigment to it, which means less bronzer/blush to even out my skin tone.
when it comes to foundation, i’m a pretty simple girl. on a daily basis, i use a BB cream and a dusting of powder foundation. and that’s it. i’ve always strayed away from liquid foundations because i don’t like the feel or look of heavy makeup on me. i have quite a few freckles on my face, so i like those to show after i’ve put all my makeup on, which means i keep my base pretty light.
i was really impressed with how easy it was to apply the bareSkin foundation. like i said, i’m not a liquid foundation girl so i was a bit intimidated by making sure it all blended in and covered my whole face. the silky consistency of the foundation made it easy to cover everything and blend well with my hairline and neck. once i let it sit for a second, i finished it with a powder foundation that i had, some bronzer, and blush. i’ve heard that it sets up really well with the bareMinerals mineral powder, so going forward, i would want to use that instead of my existing foundation. 
truthfully, i really loved how it looked on my face. it gave me an airbrushed look that i can’t achieve with my current combination of foundation + BB cream, so i love that about it. what’s also great is that i found that i needed much less concealer after bareSkin was applied. typically, i need to have concealer under my eyes, around my nose and a blemish or two around my mouth and chin. with bareSkin, i only added a bit of concealer under my eyes to brighten them up a bit. 
another thing i love about it is that because it provides such a flawless, finished look, it doesn’t require that you add much more makeup. the only other thing i added was a swipe of mascara and a neutral lip color and i felt ‘done’ enough for the day. 
an issue that i seemed to have with it was it’s staying power. the first day i wore it was spent running errands and being out in the heat. each time i took my sunglasses off, i had to wipe makeup from the bridge (where they sit on my nose) and rub my nose to make sure my makeup was blended in. by time i returned home, i needed a fresh coat of powder foundation to remove some shine and fill in some spots where makeup had rubbed off. because of the heavier feel, i probably wouldn’t wear it on a day that i knew i’d be spending lots of time outside and/or possibly sweating. 
completely bare face
bareSkin foundation on the left, my own bare skin on the right
bareSkin foundation + powder + bronzer + blush
>> great coverage
>> super hydrating
>> silky soft skin
>> sun protection with the SPF 20
>> easy to blend and color match with your skin
>> i could ‘feel’ the foundation on my face all day
>> not good for sweating
would i use it again? definitely, but with a finishing powder instead of my powder foundation. my skin looked flawless (even though it’s not) and softer than usual. i’m excited to continue experimenting with it and see if i can’t perfect my methods to make it work for me through the summer. if not, i think it’s a great option for the winter when my skin gets very dry and i need some extra hydration and coverage. 
if you’re in the market for a new foundation, or have wanted to try bareSkin, i definitely recommend  you do. it’s probably best suited for those of us with dry or normal skin because of how hydrating it is, but it may work on all skin types depending on what you set it with! i highly recommend using the  Perfecting Face Brush — it makes a world of a difference with the foundation. 
have you tried bareSkin by bareMinerals? what are your thoughts?
this post is sponsored by bareMinerals. all opinions are my own. 

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  1. I've used Bare Minerals powder foundation religiously for four years now. I'm with you on hating the feel of liquid foundation…too heavy! But maybe I'll give this one a try. Thanks for the review!

    Posted 5.22.14 Reply
  2. Niamh ❤ wrote:

    Have been wanting to try this foundation, may have to cave as I love the mineral version so much! Great post and you look stunning without any make up may I add!

    Niamh xx

    Posted 7.24.14 Reply

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