High Five for Friday

happy friday, friends! i hope you’ve all had a great week. mine has been pretty uneventful, but very productive so i can’t complain! 
1. i met a friend after work for mani/pedi’s and was reminded how nice it is to be pampered sometimes! i’m usually not into pedicures (i don’t like when they mess with my toes and scrape the bottom of my feet), but they’re made less awful when i’m distracted by talking and listening.
2. i mentioned in a post earlier this week that i’ve been in a particularly crafty mood lately, so i’ve been working on some fun things that i’m excited to share on the blog soon! i find myself scrolling through the DIY section of pinterest on a regular basis now to find new projects to do. 
3. with only a few months left on our lease, i’ve started casually looking at potential buildings to move into at the end of the summer. i’m having a lot of fun looking at options, floor plans, photos, and mentally moving all of my stuff into the beautiful apartments 😉
4. wednesday was an incredibly productive day for me, which doesn’t usually happen. rarely do i get to the end of the work day and think, ‘man, i got a lot done today’. wednesday was the exception and it was a good feeling! i’ve been re-inspired and have a lot of post ideas and things to share this spring. 
5. despite the unusually chilly temps a few days this week, SPRING IS HERE AND IT IS GLORIOUS. i love that i can have my windows open in my room and feel the fresh air, even when i’m stuck at my desk all day
how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it! 

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