High Five for Friday

happy friday! for some reason, it feels like a tuesday or wednesday to me…my whole week has been off! but, i’m not complaining because that means the weekend is here earlier than i was expecting it. let’s have a look back at my week:
1. my roommate is heading out of town this weekend to visit her boyfriend for the holiday. while i’ll miss having her around, i’m looking forward to having the place to myself for a couple days! you know, leave the dishes in the sink just a little longer, no sharing the TV, all the important things.
2. i was on a real creative kick this week and made a lot of new jewels for Elisabeth Ashlie. it’s always fun to go through those really productive, creative spurts. they don’t happen all the time, so i try to take advantage when they do! 
3. i’ve finally gotten back into the swing of exercising regularly and it feels so good. i really do notice a huge difference in my energy level and appetite. i’m looking forward to some good runs along the lake this summer. 
4. i just found out that nordrstramrack.com is a thing. i typically have a lot of luck in stores (some of you don’t!), so the fact that they have an online store now is dan-ger-ous.
5. one of my favorite things about living in the city is the endless amount of things to do, anytime and any day. my friend and i decided to buy tickets to the Cubs game just a few hours before the game started earlier this week. it was a beautiful night, until we got rained out, but it made me pretty excited for summer and all of the wonderful things this city has to offer. 

6. bonus: it’s Mike’s and my 1.5 year anniversary. pretty sure that’s not even a thing, but it feels significant to me 😉

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it! 

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  1. That jewlery is beautiful! Happy 1.5 anniversary:) you can totally make it be a thing!

    Posted 5.23.14 Reply

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