THE Sale Room

nothing like finding out your rubbed up against the bed that is always and only covered in cat hair after you've taken photos...

do you ever have one of those 'aha' moments in the dressing room? you know, the how-have-i-gone-my-entire-adult-life-without-this-piece-of-clothing thing? i had that with this dress in anthro and things got real, fast

for years i was the 'look but don't touch' (because i can't afford it if it breaks) patron in any anthropologie store. i'd always want to go in to browse, but would always leave empty-handed, save for a small home decor item or candle. it's kind of terrible, torturing yourself like that. i became a very skilled lurker, never even tricking myself into thinking i could afford that gorgeous, perfect, softest ever, most wonderful dress by not even looking at the price tag. it was too much for my anthro-loving heart to handle. 

and then, like some sort of treasure seeker, i made my way into the SALE room once. and the rest is history. anthro's sale section is one of the few sale sections that is actually worth spending your time rifling through, in my opinion. it isn't full of make-up stained, mis-tagged, horribly cut items. it's actually full of real gems that i can afford - hallelujah! i've had great success in their sale room without having to hand over my soul to the cashier when she asks, 'debit or credit?'

this perfectly could-be-casual-or-dressy-and-you-can-wear-it-in-any-season-AND-ITS-NAVY dress is one of my success stories, and it can be yours, too. 

dress | anthropologie sale (similar)
earrings | j.crew factory
wedges | jessica simpson via marshall's (similar)
belt | target
clutch | anthropologie
sunglasses | kate spade
bracelet | j.crew factory


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  2. Sorry I was logged into my husband's account above! Love the dress! Anthro in Chicago has the best sales!

  3. I love your rings!!! Where are they from? Cute wedges! :)


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