Bedroom Style | Girly Glam

1 | faux sheepskin rug, ikea
2 | sunburst mirror, target
3 | DIY canvas art,
4 | grey wing chair, ikea
5 | marble plate, h&m
6 | blush pink blanket, h&m
7 | laced jersey shams, anthropologie
8 | wood bed frame, ikea
9 | DIY campaign dresser,
10 | gold appliqué pillow,
11 | faux fur pillow cover, amazon
12 | white nightstand, ikea
13 | mercury glass candle, anthropologie

we've officially been approved for our dream apartment!!!! we found out the news late last week and can't stop thinking about it. it's going to be a long two months before we get to move in, but at least we have time to get all of our ducks in a row in terms of decorating and the style we want the apartment to be! 

i already have my whole bedroom planned out, of course. the room has white walls with beautiful wood floors and plenty of natural light, so i want to do something airy and feminine. my main colors are white and grey, with accents of blush pink and gold. i found a pretty blush quilt at Marshall's that i'll use for bedding and a fabulous faux sheepskin rug. i also found some cool white pillows and gold geometric vinyl overlays that i'll use on my bed. 

my mom and i will be working on a campaign dresser DIY, since the closet won't be big enough to fit all of my junk (even though it's rather large). i'm also thinking i want to DIY some art for over my bed, similar to the canvas shown above (3). maybe write something like 'silence is golden' or 'sweet dreams'. i haven't decided yet, but it's such an easy way to add art without spending too much money. that grey chair is one that i've coveted from Ikea for quite some time. since i'll have enough space in my bedroom, i'm going to set up a little sitting/reading area with that chair and a side table i snagged from our trash room (yes, you read that right. just needs a little paint job and it'll be as good as new!). 

i've already started collecting a lot of items for my room and i'm so excited to see how it will all come together and a couple months! 

High Five for Friday

happy first friday of official summer! we're supposed to have some beautiful weather in the city this weekend, so i'm hoping to spend lots of time outside - at the beach and maybe walking around an antique market happening saturday and sunday.

this week has gone by relatively quickly for me. there's been some construction going on at my building, so i spent a lot of time at coffee shops and running errands. i'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend free of any work!

here's a look back at some of my favorite moments from the week:

1. Mike and i stumbled upon a yummy Thai restaurant last weekend and gorged on food. it was so good that i've thought about getting take-out every single night this week. i've resisted, but may have to cave this weekend.

2. i've started purchasing some items for my new workspace! as you may know, i'm moving at the end of august. i'll have a much bigger room, which will allow for some much-needed additional storage and workspace. i'm excited to start putting my vision into action! 

3. i popped into Sephora this week for just a quick thing and ended up with a nice little pile of stuff. by the way, the store brand eyeliner is pretty awesome. it didn't move an inch during a pretty hard workout i did. perfect for sweaty summer days.

4. speaking of working out, i actually got back into the habit of regularly exercising this week and it feels so good. i look forward to that time of sweating and pushing myself just a little bit harder during each workout. endorphins are great.

5. this belly. oh, what i wouldn't do to just rub this belly all day long.

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it! 

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That Time Mike Got Glasses (From The Couch)

as a kid (and sometimes as an adult), i always wanted glasses. for those of you that wore/still wear glasses, you may think i'm silly.  it's like when people with stick straight hair would do anything for curly hair, and vice versa. i always thought glasses looked cool and secretly envied people that got to wear them. don't get me wrong, i'm thankful for my good vision and would probably complain if i had to wear glasses, but ya know, the grass is always greener.

when DAVID KIND approached me about working together, i knew that Mike would be a great fit for the DAVID KIND experience. he had actually been telling me the night before that he really wanted a pair of glasses so that he didn't have to wear his contacts all the time, so it was perfect timing to hear from the fabulous people at DAVID KIND. once i confirmed that Mike was on board, we got the process started. 

i worked with a wonderful stylist there who was incredibly helpful during the whole process. first things first, we filled out a little form on the website with his basic information and sent a few photos for styling. the stylists at DAVID KIND assess the client photos and then choose 6 pairs of glasses to be sent in the at-home try on kit:
before we even opened the kit, we were impressed with ultra-cool cork box with the logo on the outside. talk about impressive branding. i considered myself a fan at that moment. included in the shipping box were some papers and instructions for shipping back your box, getting your prescription, and other details.

we cracked open the kit to find 6 pairs of glasses and built-in mirror.
seriously, the only thing that would make this process easier would be if they sent a representative to physically place the glasses on your face. and that may get a little awkward.

my eyes were immediately drawn the the middle pair on the left. i had a sneaking suspicion that would be the pair Mike would choose, but he made sure to try on them all to get the full experience and see what looked best. our stylist included her notes about which pair(s) she picked for Mike's face and style. the two that she chose were the two that we liked best - these stylists know what they're doing! i was really impressed that she was able to pick out a couple pairs of glasses that looked great on him just by looking at a few photos of him. 

after much debate and trying on different pairs, he decided he liked these best: 
they're stylish, sophisticated, and can be easily worn in a professional setting.

so, once we were settled on what he wanted, we took a quick up-close photo of him in the glasses (for measurement purposes), marked which pair he wanted, returned the try-on kit to the box it was shipped in, stuck the prepaid shipping label on the outside, and dropped it off at the postal store to be returned! we corresponded with our stylist about getting Mike's prescription information, which was a breeze. about a week or two later, Mike's customized glasses were returned to us.

we received the glasses in a cork glasses case (again, how cool?!) with a lens cloth included. they fit perfectly and were just what Mike was looking for.

overall, i couldn't be more pleased with our experience. there isn't an easier way to get a pair of glasses than from your couch, am i right? the service was incredible and i'd recommend it to any friend or family member. if the day ever comes that i need glasses, well, i already know where i'll be getting them.

DAVID KIND is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also check out their blog.

disclosure | this post was sponsored by DAVID KIND. all opinions are my own. 

Breaking Routine

photo credit goes to my sister (she really likes when i give her credit)

i'm trying this new thing where i'm setting 'style goals' for myself. although the contents of my closet would maybe say otherwise, i'm a classic jeans and a tee kind of girl. it's what i'm most comfortable in and tends to require the least amount of thought when i'm getting ready in the morning. most days, i'm lucky if i even change out of pajamas or workout clothes, but if i do, i tend to just throw on a quick outfit to run errands or do some work at a coffee shop.

however, it's really lame of me to just leave the perfectly good clothes that i've purchased untouched in my closet, so i'm working my way through it, day by day. i'm making an effort to wear every single item in my closet, and if i don't want to wear something, i know to get rid of it. since it's warm out, i can finally wear all of my sleeveless tops and blouses, which is good because i have quite a few.

not only am i trying to wear everything in my closet, but i'm reimagining how i can wear certain items. do you have those specific pieces in your closet that you only wear with a certain other item? i have a few tops that i only like with a specific pair of pants, but that could easily be worn with a skirt or over a dress for a different look. this summer is all about getting out of my closet rut!

as part of these new goals, i've already added some tops and bottoms into my regular rotation that weren't there before. it's been fun to mix and match things and put a little thought into my outfits during the week.

what kind of dresser are you? are you pretty good at wearing most everything in your closet or are you like me and get in a routine of certain items that you need to break free from?

by the way, wearing this skirt was a huge break from my routine. i think i like it.

top | H&M
skirt | H&M
denim jacket | J.Crew Factory
sandals | Old Navy
bag | Nordstrom Rack
sunnies | Michael Kors Outlet
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie

Lovely Lace

my eye seems to be drawn to anything and everything lace these days...tell me i'm not alone.

1 | lace trim summer dress | old navy
2 | cutout satchel, chicwish
3 | lace sleeve top | j.crew
4 | lace jersey shams, anthropologie
5 | eyelit headband | anthropologie
6 | lace slip-ons | toms shoes
7 | lace top | h&m
8 | lace iPhone case | rifle paper co.
9 | grey lace skirt | LOFT

Recipe | Sparkling Grapefruit Lemonade

to say that it's been hot and humid around this parts is kind of an understatement. we went from barely-there spring to full-blown summer. all those miserable winter months i wanted warm temperatures desperately and now i'm looking for a little relief! we've had quite a few storms, too, so that just puts the humidity level over the top. 

i got a little creative the other week and mixed up a refreshing summer drink that helps take the edge off the warm temperatures. it couldn't be easier, really. i make myself a glass almost everyday! 
i started by adding some sugar to the rim of the glass, for a little something extra. i simply took a lemon slice, rubbed it around the top of the glass, and dipped the glass in sugar. 

start by pouring the sparking grapefruit water into the glass, about halfway. 
fill the rest of the glass up with lemonade. i used store-bought lemonade, but this would be so good with homemade lemonade, too! 
for a little extra freshness, add a couple squeezes of lemon juice and grapefruit juice to the top. if you'd like to make this a boozy drink, add a splash of your favorite booze! i added two thinly sliced lemon wedges to the rim of the glass, as well. finish it off with a straw! then kick your feet up and enjoy this refreshing and easy-as-pie summer drink. 
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High Five for Friday

happy friday! my roommate has been frolicking around Spain for the past week and is set to come home this weekend. i'll be honest, it's been nice to have the place to myself (i'm a total homebody and introvert), but i'm definitely ready for another human to be living in my apartment with me and to hear about her adventures! 

here's a look back at some good moments from this week:

1. because i spend basically all day, every day in my tiny bedroom in our tiny apartment working, the weekends are the time that i look forward to the most because it means getting outside and doing different things. Mike tends to want to just chill and relax on the weekends because his schedule is so crazy during the week with clincals, work, and school. i was going stir crazy in the apartment last weekend, so we compromised and decided to go sit on the beach for awhile. it had just rained not 30 minutes before, so it was pretty empty. very few things can relax me more than the warmth of the sun, the sound of waves crashing, and the feeling of sand on my feet. it's pretty much heaven, especially to experience it with Mike. i'm looking forward to many more times at the beach with him this summer.

2. i've been pretty overwhelmed with finances the last couple weeks because of my impending move, business stuff, and just life. i've really been trying to just hand it off to God and let go of my worry and i've been feeling much more at peace with everything. that's a good feeling to have, let me tell you! 

3. i had a little spa night for myself last night, which included a deep conditioning treatment (just one of the samples that i received from Sephora), a face mask, and some nail care. i really enjoy setting aside an evening to do things like that. i wake up feeling so refreshed in the morning! 

4. the cats have been all kinds of snuggly lately. this isn't really news, but i still think it's the cutest thing ever. 

5. i finally finished reading The Fault In Our Stars and OH MY GOSH. i don't want to spoil it for anyone, so i'll just say that i was an emotional basket case the last few nights reading before bed. i'm hoping to see the movie soon! have you seen it? what did you think? (no spoilers!)

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it! 

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Beauty Review | Sephora's Formula X

left: Thrilling | right: Power Source
on my recent trips to Sephora, i've casually browsed the Formula X display and picked out a few of my favorite colors. each time, i talked myself out of buying any polishes because the last thing that i need is another bottle of nail polish. however, after watching Esteé's May Favourites Video a few weeks ago,  she basically forced me to run to my nearest Sephora to pick out a color and give it a go. my mom was with me and decided to purchase the whole system, which includes the cleanser, base coat, top coat, and one color of your choice. since she was buying the system, i decided just to buy a color i liked and to borrow her cleanser, base, and top coats for my trial run.

although i don't know if the cleanser is actually doing anything, i really like the idea of putting a cleanser on my nail before polishing them again. more often than not, i change my nail color immediately after removing the previous nail color. i typically wash my hands in soap and water, but this cleanser takes the place of that step. it dries ultra fast and just requires a quick swipe over all your nails. i feel like the base coat and top coat are pretty standard, not amazing. what is amazing is the color. i started with the color Thrilling and was immediately in love with it. it's the prettiest soft grey, with almost a slight purple or blue hue to it. it's even more gorgeous on than in the bottle. 

what i like about this polish is that it feels sturdier than other polishes i've used. i would compare it to CND's Vinylux over a polish like OPI or Essie. i think the whole combination of base coat, two coats of color, and top coat are what make it the best and most long-lasting. my nails grew like weeds when i had the polish on because they couldn't get bent or split while i was doing things. 

i didn't find this polish to be especially long-lasting. i've heard that some people can go without major chips for 7+ days, but that just wasn't the case for me. because my work revolves around typing and making jewelry, i found that i had little chips at the ends of my nails within a couple days. however, these chips didn't peel away and lead to bigger chips right away. ya know how some nail polishes will just start peeling right off if you have one little chip? that didn't happen to me with Formula X. so, even though there were some minor spots without polish, i could go a few more days without any issues. 

when it comes to removing the polish, i highly recommend using a nail polish remover and not picking it off yourself. it peeled away at my nails when i picked it off, but left them as-good-as-new if i used the remover and didn't mess with them. 

overall, i like this polish if for no other reason than the colors. they're highly pigmented, so you get a lot of color with 1 or 2 coats (in my experience). because it lasted about as long as the other polishes i typically use, i wasn't really disappointed that it chipped after a couple days. i'm still working on mastering the whole method for polishing that 'seals off' the tips of your nails to avoid this problem, so i bet that will help in the chipping department. i highly recommend looking at the colors in the store (if you can), since the photos on Sephora's website just don't do them justice! 

have you tried Formula X yet? what are your thoughts?

POPSUGAR Must Have Box

i've found the box that puts all other subscription boxes to shame. well, okay, maybe that's a strong statement (there are some pretty awesome subscription boxes out there), but the POPSUGAR Must Have box is where it's at. i really didn't know what to expect from the box, so i was more than pleased when i cracked it open and found it full of fun products and new brands. with every item i lifted out of the box, there was another item or two underneath it. it was like Christmas morning! 

here's what was in my box: 

 Emily Griffin's new novel - The One & Only | perfect to bring with me to the beach

SACHAJUAN Shiny Citrus Body Lotion | it smells amazing and has cool packaging

Turkish-T Beach Towel | this towel already came in handy when Mike and i walked over to the beach over the weekend to enjoy some peace and quiet after a quick storm

You Smell Lemon Wet Wipes | great for on-the-go and, again, they smell amazing

Lollies Basics Hair Ties | these cute braided ties are great for the beach or pool because they double as a bracelet! 

One Potato Two Potato Hawaiian BBQ Kettle Chips | which happen to taste very yummy and be all-natural! 

Native Union $15 Gift Card | to be used on one of their simple designs for tech accessories

(suggested retail price > $115 // you get it for $39.95!)

what i really like about these boxes (you can view past boxes on the POPSUGAR blog) is that the products coordinate. you could toss all of these items (minus the gift card) into your beach bag and be pretty much set for the day. i like that i was introduced to new brands and that the products are full-sized products. then, when i fall in love with them, i get to use them more than just a single-use or travel-size amount provides. i feel like you really get to experience the product over time. 

interested in received the POPSUGAR Must Have box? use code JUNESELECT10 to save $10 off a 3-month subscription! (ends 6/30)

POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.  

Home State Love

i was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and called Illinois 'home' for the first 21 years of my life. after a stint in North Carolina for a couple years, i'm back in my home state living in Chicago and loving every minute (except the awful winter we just had). there's something so special about this area to me. it's where i learned to ride a bike, where i earned my driver's license, where Mike and i met, and where i grew my business. a lot of significant life moments have happened in Illinois, so no matter where life takes me, this place will always have a special place in my heart.

what better way to show my love for the Land of Lincoln than by wearing it around my neck? it's the perfect necklace to wear with an otherwise ordinary outfit. it speaks for itself and adds a personal touch to my look for an easy weekend outfit. it's also the perfect necklace to be layered with other dainty necklaces, if you're into that sorta thing (which i am!).

interested in showing your love for your state? enter the giveaway below for a chance to win! 
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tee | J.Crew
shorts | J.Crew
kicks | Keds for Madewell
bag | Francesca's (old)
bangles | LOFT
watch | Kate Spade
necklace | c/o Initial Decor

Blogging 101: Social Media

don't mind Milo in the foreground
for other posts in this series, check out Getting Started, Next Steps, Growing Your Readership, Finding Inspiration, and Staying Organized.   

one of my favorite aspects of blogging is using social media. i've always been active on social media, even before i started my blog. this day in age, it's how we stay connected with people, keep up to date on news, and discover new businesses and people. for blogging, it's a great way to give your blog readers an inside look into your life, a 'behind the scenes' aspect of what they see on the blog. it allows your readers to get to know you more personally and see things that they may not typically see on your blog. it can give a 'real life' feel to the edited, staged, and planned things that they see on the blog. it can show that you are, in fact, human and not a blogging robot with a perfectly organized home and a great hair day every single day

as a blogger, social media is inspiring. i follow a lot of other bloggers on instagram that inspire me with their outfits, home decor, DIY ideas or whatever else. twitter is a place where i can get to know them better and see a different side of them, it personalizes it for me. it's a great way to interact with the people you follow and build a relationship with them.

different social media platforms have different strengths. for me, Facebook is where i share links to my new posts each day and sometimes ask questions (about topics you'd like me to write about or different things you'd like to see on the blog). Instagram is great for sharing some 'what i'm doing now' moments and behind the scenes things that aren't shared on the blog. and my cats, obviously. Twitter is for interacting with my readers and sharing quick updates or funny things i see/experience in real life. altogether, they let people into who i am on a more personal level, while also building my 'brand' (i use the term brand loosely here, as i can't think of a better word). 

the most successful social media platform for me is Instagram. i enjoy using it the most and have the most interaction with readers through it. then comes Twitter and Facebook. different people will use the different platforms differently (should i keep using the word 'different'?). no matter how you decide to use them for you and your purposes, consistency is key. update them regularly. remind your followers that you're still there and using them. this will encourage your existing followers to go to your blog and/or continue following you, but also encourage new people to start following you. 

if you're new to using social media or just started a blog and are transitioning from using social media for personal purposes to 'business' purposes, start out slow. post something new each day or twice a day - set goals for your self. once you get used to doing it consistently, it may become second nature to you, like it has for me. at this point, i really feel kind of strange if i don't share something on Instagram or Twitter during the day. it's a noticeable 'void' for me, since i really enjoy using social media on a daily basis. 

social media, when used effectively, will be a great way to gain followers and introduce people to your blog. so, use it! 

High Five for Friday

i don't know how we've made it to another friday already! i've had a full week with some great moments and really exciting news.  

1. we* submitted our paperwork for the apartment of our dreams! my roommate, Ariel, and i went to walk through it a second time on Tuesday and fell even more in love with it! i sent Sam about 1 million photos and we all agreed that we should go forward with committing to it and handing over some cash to reserve it. we won't be moving until the end of August, so these next couple months are going to be full of anticipation and excitement.
*my current roommate and future (and past!) roommate

2. i shared this super easy sandwich on instagram earlier in the week and can't stop eating it! it's just a toasted ciabatta roll with melted provolone cheese, sliced roma tomatoes, a pile of arugula, and shredded pesto chicken (i just baked and shredded chicken and stirred in store-bought pesto). it's filling, delicious, and really easy! the perfect summer lunch or dinner. carrots optional ;)

3. i did a deep-clean of the apartment yesterday and i feel like a new woman. i'm very tidy but can tolerate a thin layer of filth, to a certain point. then i get into deep-clean mode and you can't stop me! 

4. the other great thing about this new apartment is that there is endless amounts of space for the cats to run (the square footage is about triple what we're living in now) and even trees for them to watch the birds! seriously, those were two of the first things that i noticed when we walked through it the first time #CatMother

5. this little dude is 6 months old today! in some ways i can't believe that it's already been half a year since this picture was taken and in other ways it's like he's always been here! can't wait to see him again in just a few short weeks!

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it! 

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