Breaking Routine

photo credit goes to my sister (she really likes when i give her credit)

i’m trying this new thing where i’m setting ‘style goals’ for myself. although the contents of my closet would maybe say otherwise, i’m a classic jeans and a tee kind of girl. it’s what i’m most comfortable in and tends to require the least amount of thought when i’m getting ready in the morning. most days, i’m lucky if i even change out of pajamas or workout clothes, but if i do, i tend to just throw on a quick outfit to run errands or do some work at a coffee shop.

however, it’s really lame of me to just leave the perfectly good clothes that i’ve purchased untouched in my closet, so i’m working my way through it, day by day. i’m making an effort to wear every single item in my closet, and if i don’t want to wear something, i know to get rid of it. since it’s warm out, i can finally wear all of my sleeveless tops and blouses, which is good because i have quite a few.

not only am i trying to wear everything in my closet, but i’m reimagining how i can wear certain items. do you have those specific pieces in your closet that you only wear with a certain other item? i have a few tops that i only like with a specific pair of pants, but that could easily be worn with a skirt or over a dress for a different look. this summer is all about getting out of my closet rut!

as part of these new goals, i’ve already added some tops and bottoms into my regular rotation that weren’t there before. it’s been fun to mix and match things and put a little thought into my outfits during the week.

what kind of dresser are you? are you pretty good at wearing most everything in your closet or are you like me and get in a routine of certain items that you need to break free from?

by the way, wearing this skirt was a huge break from my routine. i think i like it.

top | H&M
skirt | H&M
denim jacket | J.Crew Factory
sandals | Old Navy
bag | Nordstrom Rack
sunnies | Michael Kors Outlet
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie

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