Home Again

getting back into reality after being on vacation is always difficult. my mom and i returned to Chicago early on Saturday morning, so i had the whole day to get my life in order. i highly recommend coming back from a trip on a weekend because you have a day or two to regroup and prepare for the work week, instead of being thrown right back into it. because i work from home, i have a tendency to always be working, so i really need to shut my brain off on the weekends so that i can actually relax and do some things other than my workday routine. 
i got home Saturday and was so exhausted from an early morning that i immediately got in my bed to take a nap with the cats. my mind wouldn’t stop racing with all of the things i had to do to catch up on missing a week at home, so i gave in and did a few productive things, which led to a day’s worth of work and very little relaxing. oh well, i had an entire week off, right? it’s about time i do some work! 
Mike came on Sunday and tagged along with my roommate and other (future) roommate for an apartment showing. side note: we may have found the winner. if we get this place, my LIFE will be made. it’s sprawling, gorgeous, in a nice neighborhood, massive, in our budget, and huge. wait, did i mention it was big? seriously, it’s bananas. i’ve already set up a Pinterest board to start pinning ideas to fill all of our (potential) sprawling space. glory, glory, hallelujah. 
so, yeah, i’m pretty much completely distracted with thoughts about this new place. i’m crossing my fingers, toes, arms, and legs that it works out and we’re able to move in at the end of the summer. you can feel free to cross yours, too. 
jean jacket | J.Crew Factory
necklace | Kate Spade via Nordstrom Rack
sunnies | Michael Kors Outlet

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    I love that combination of a dress a denim jacket!

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