Sun Essentials

Girls Trip 2014 with my mom and sister is currently happening. we’re enjoying the beautiful weather in Raleigh, and are getting ready to head down to the pool to enjoy the sun. here’s a quick gathering of some of my must-have items when i’m laying by the pool:
Sun Essentials

1. Kimono | Sugar Love Boutique
you guys already know that i have a pretty strong affinity for kimonos this spring. not only are they a great option to pair with jean shorts and a white tank, but they’re also a perfect alternative for a cover-up when you’re headed to the pool or beach. bright colors, floral patterns, and super breathable material makes a kimono an easy choice.
2. Sunnies | Kate Spade 
protective sunglasses are essential when you’re out in the sun. i prefer glasses that are larger for the pool/beach because they require less-squinting and make it easier for me to read a good book! 
3. SPF
although i like to lay out in the sun (mostly to feel the warmth on my skin), i’m always careful to take good care of my skin. i typically wear SPF 30 on my face/neck and generously apply 15 to the rest of my body. i’ve had enough sunburns in my life to know that it ain’t worth it, so i’d rather leave the pool just as fair as when i arrived 🙂
4. Bikini Top | J.Crew \ Bikini Bottom | AE
a cute swimsuit is totally an essential, right? i mean, isn’t the whole purpose of going to the pool or beach to show off your bikini?! 
5. A Good Book
i’ve heard a lot of great things about this book, The Fault in Our Stars. i’ve seen the trailer for the movie coming out, so i thought it would be a good option for me while i’m enjoying the sun. it takes about 15 seconds for me to get bored, so i need to have a good read to occupy me.
6. Water Bottle
although i spend a lot of time in the water, i’m also sure to have a water bottle on hand to keep me hydrated. i like to add some fresh fruit to my water to give it a little flavor and add a little color.
7. Light Makeup
along with my SPF, i typically wear my MAC powder foundation to add some more protection to my skin. a good lip balm to protect my lips is also important. 
to carry all your goodies, you’ll need a bag large enough to fit the essentials, plus your towel or a snack. i tend to go for bright colors and beachy details, like the rope handles on this bag. 
9. Headphones
i’m sure to always toss my headphones in my bag, too, so that i can listen to music and drown out some of the noise around me. i’m not usually one to sleep at the pool or beach, but i’m the most relaxed when i get to choose my own music and enjoy the sun. 
what are you beach/pool essentials? 

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I love that bathing suit, and I am so excited to see The Fault in our Stars movie!!

    Posted 6.4.14 Reply

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