That Time Mike Got Glasses (From The Couch)

as a kid (and sometimes as an adult), i always wanted glasses. for those of you that wore/still wear glasses, you may think i'm silly.  it's like when people with stick straight hair would do anything for curly hair, and vice versa. i always thought glasses looked cool and secretly envied people that got to wear them. don't get me wrong, i'm thankful for my good vision and would probably complain if i had to wear glasses, but ya know, the grass is always greener.

when DAVID KIND approached me about working together, i knew that Mike would be a great fit for the DAVID KIND experience. he had actually been telling me the night before that he really wanted a pair of glasses so that he didn't have to wear his contacts all the time, so it was perfect timing to hear from the fabulous people at DAVID KIND. once i confirmed that Mike was on board, we got the process started. 

i worked with a wonderful stylist there who was incredibly helpful during the whole process. first things first, we filled out a little form on the website with his basic information and sent a few photos for styling. the stylists at DAVID KIND assess the client photos and then choose 6 pairs of glasses to be sent in the at-home try on kit:
before we even opened the kit, we were impressed with ultra-cool cork box with the logo on the outside. talk about impressive branding. i considered myself a fan at that moment. included in the shipping box were some papers and instructions for shipping back your box, getting your prescription, and other details.

we cracked open the kit to find 6 pairs of glasses and built-in mirror.
seriously, the only thing that would make this process easier would be if they sent a representative to physically place the glasses on your face. and that may get a little awkward.

my eyes were immediately drawn the the middle pair on the left. i had a sneaking suspicion that would be the pair Mike would choose, but he made sure to try on them all to get the full experience and see what looked best. our stylist included her notes about which pair(s) she picked for Mike's face and style. the two that she chose were the two that we liked best - these stylists know what they're doing! i was really impressed that she was able to pick out a couple pairs of glasses that looked great on him just by looking at a few photos of him. 

after much debate and trying on different pairs, he decided he liked these best: 
they're stylish, sophisticated, and can be easily worn in a professional setting.

so, once we were settled on what he wanted, we took a quick up-close photo of him in the glasses (for measurement purposes), marked which pair he wanted, returned the try-on kit to the box it was shipped in, stuck the prepaid shipping label on the outside, and dropped it off at the postal store to be returned! we corresponded with our stylist about getting Mike's prescription information, which was a breeze. about a week or two later, Mike's customized glasses were returned to us.

we received the glasses in a cork glasses case (again, how cool?!) with a lens cloth included. they fit perfectly and were just what Mike was looking for.

overall, i couldn't be more pleased with our experience. there isn't an easier way to get a pair of glasses than from your couch, am i right? the service was incredible and i'd recommend it to any friend or family member. if the day ever comes that i need glasses, well, i already know where i'll be getting them.

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disclosure | this post was sponsored by DAVID KIND. all opinions are my own. 

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