A Perfect Pair

do you ever come across things in life that go together so seamlessly that you wonder, ‘how on earth did i not realize these would be a perfect match?’ some things like that in my life are my cats, Milo & Otis. they’re litter mates and best buds, truly. they spend just about every waking minute together: sleeping, eating, playing, everything. i sincerely worry about the day that one of them passes and the other is left alone – they would be so lost without each other. 
other perfect pairs:
– rainy days and naps
– binge-watching shows on Netflix and any time of day 😉
– chocolate cake and vanilla frosting
– fritos and green grapes (seriously, try it)
– clothes and a good cause
– the Marching Elephants Tunic and Grey Flats:

i love this outfit for a casual day running errands or quick trip to the farmer’s market. on chillier days, i’ll pair the tunic with my favorite black maxi skirt or white skinny jeans.
i introduced some of you to Symbology Clothing several months back, but for those that missed it, they’re an ethical fashion label that employs marginalized artisans and connects women through fashion worldwide. it’s truly amazing what they’re doing, you can read more about it here
they’ve collaborated with The Root Collective, another ethical accessory & shoe label that tackles poverty through partnering with artisans in developing countries, while giving back 10% of each purchase to nonprofits working in the same communities that the artisans live, to bring together the Perfect Pairs for a Perfect Cause Campaign:
i love that these two companies are coming together to make a difference in the world and i’m honored to be part of it while wearing my tunic and flats. the flats were handmade by Otto, a Guatemalan artisan with a passion to transform his community through honest jobs and relationships. i like that i can look good and feel good while wearing them. 
if you’re interested in one of these perfect pairs, use code PERFECTPAIR for $15 off at both SymbologyClothing.com and TheRootCollective.com (for a combined discount of $30). coupon expires July 23rd! 
tunic | c/o Symbology
shorts | Gap
flats | c/o Symbology + The Root Collective
bag | Steve Madden 
necklace | mae + nolia, gift from my sister

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