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with the warmer weather comes more motivation to exercise, let’s be honest. i’d love to believe that i’m one of those people that exercises year-round to be healthy, but i’m just not. i exercise to be healthier AND look and feel better, which is most important for me in the warm months. since beach and shorts season is upon us, what better time to get back into the practice of regularly exercising! 
most weekdays, i like to get out and be active. some days are spent in the small workout facility in my apartment building, while the less humid days are spent enjoying the weather and scenery of the city. i’ve found that jogging along the lakefront in the mornings is my happy place. it’s quiet, breezy, and breathtakingly beautiful. it makes the fact that i’m actually exercising less awful 😉 

an important part of exercise is the apparel that you wear while doing it. i’m a shorts and a tank kind of gal (i get too hot if i wear yoga pants or shirts with sleeves) and the C9 Activewear Collection at Target® is my go-to for functional, comfortable, and stylish workout apparel. i took my new duds on their first outing last week and fell in love. the highly breathable material allowed me to stay cool while burning lots of calories. the shorts have a built in brief and are a nice mid-thigh length, so they don’t ride up or cause any uncomfortable bunching (you know what i’m sayin’?). the knit waistband is soft and comfortable and has a drawstring to make them as tight as you need. as if the functionality of the shorts wasn’t enough, i fell in love with the splatter design. i like that they’re unique and fun. if you’re going to be sweating and red in the face, you might as well do it in cute workout apparel. 
the sporty layered run tank is pretty awesome, too. the built-in sports bra, which matches my shorts, offers good support and is tight enough without being uncomfortable. the mesh tank allows for lots of airflow and is very lightweight. i like the layered tank because it doesn’t ride up or bounce around while i’m jogging, since it’s attached to the sports bra. i prefer loose-fitting tops, especially when jogging, because they keep me cooler and allow for more freedom in movement.

aside from the functionality and comfort of the C9 Activewear Collection by Target®, i like the looks of them. i always feel better when i’m exercising if i’m wearing stylish and coordinating workout clothes, especially if i’m out in public. this set definitely makes me feel confident and put-together, while also allowing me to achieve a great workout. plus, i feel comfortable running to a coffee shop or grabbing breakfast in this set because i don’t look like i just rolled out of bed and threw on whatever shorts and tank i could find (even if i did do that!). 

 Disclosure | This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. 
While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own. 

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