B.O.R.N. to Style

would you rather: have a group of stylish and unashamedly honest people pick apart your closet, piece by piece, and give you a total makeover OR watch it happen to somebody else? 
i’m inclined to pick the latter.
i shop at regular stores and wear pretty ‘normal’ clothes. i certainly don’t consider myself to be ‘high-fashion’ or ‘cutting edge’ in any way. i wear what i like and what i think looks good on me. i take time to shop for items that are true to my personal style, some that are a bit out of my comfort zone even. i put effort and money into my closet, so i’m pretty attached to most things that reside in that small space. that being said, it would be difficult for me to have a group of new people come in and make over my closet and my life. i’d like to think that i’d jump at the opportunity for a makeover and expert style advice, but i think i would take it too personally. however, you better believe that i’d watch it happen to someone else in a heartbeat, especially someone that is in need of it! 
if you’re with me on that, you need to know about the new show coming to the FYI Network, B.O.R.N. to Style. The FYI Network, which just recently launched, features some of my favorite topics: fashion, home, food, and lifestyle. the show follows a group of stylists from New York that hail from the Harlem-based boutique, B.O.R.N. (borrowed, old, refurbished and new), and are on a mission to transform their client’s wardrobes and outlooks. ‘B.O.R.N. to Style: Your Makeover Needs a Makeover’ is their purpose, and they certainly deliver. 
based solely on the preview (seen below), i can tell that this show will be wildly entertaining and pretty hilarious. Jonathan Bodrick, the store owner, is the brains behind the whole operation, while Brandon, JJ, Kristen, Terry, and Devin are all along for the ride. their interactions with each other and easy banter makes for entertaining television, to say the least. 

B.O.R.N. to Style premieres Tuesday, 7/15 at 10p EST, on the FYI Network
i’m excited about the launch of a new network that features shows that are in-line with things that i’m passionate about. on july 15th, i’ll be pouring myself a healthy glass of wine, popping some popcorn, and relaxing in front of the TV to watch the premiere of B.O.R.N. to Style. You should join me! 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by FYI Network through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about B.O.R.N. to Style, all opinions are my own. 

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