High Five for Friday

happy friday – we finally made it! this week went by fairly slow for me, probably based on the fact that i’ve been sick for the better half of it. i mean, honestly, who gets a cold in the middle of July? it’s ridiculous.
despite not feeling my best, i still had a pretty good week. here’s a look at some of my favorite moments:
1. i took my mom over to my soon-to-be new apartment on Monday so that she could see the space and help me figure out what furniture i need to pick up. this is the first time being back since we signed the lease and will officially be living there, so it was fun to walk through it again! i was able to pick up me keys, too! 
2. the weather has been absolutely delightful the past few days. it’s been in the 70’s, which is my new favorite temperature range – it’s cool enough in the shade that you’re not sweating, but warm enough in the sun that you’re not cold. perfection, i tell you.
3. i’m seriously, seriously considering having Kate chop my hair when i see her in a couple weeks. i’m used to changing my hair often and haven’t had a dramatic change in awhile, so i’m itchin’ for one. i’m not totally convinced that i’m going to do it, but it just might happen. i’ve basically spent all week browsing Pinterest for inspiration here’s what i’m thinking:
4. although being sick is no fun, it has been nice to take it a little bit easier this week and relax a bit more. i truly can’t say how thankful i am to be self-employed and work from home and am able to take a sick day or two. 
5. i decided on a Starbucks workday earlier this week and it was a pretty brilliant decision. i can feel so secluded and alone spending all day in my apartment, so even just sitting in a coffee shop can make a huge difference for me. also, wearing workout clothes is just the most comfortable thing.
sweatshirt and bag: J.Crew | pants: Athleta
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  1. Priscila C wrote:

    Love that hairstyle! Thanks for the party! Have a blessed weekend 🙂 Priscila. Unfadingbeautyblog.com

    Posted 7.18.14 Reply

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