High Five for Friday

happy friday! if you're new to these parts, today's post is a look back at some of my highlights from this past week - you can do the same! (details below) at the end of the week, i like to reflect on the good that happened, even if it wasn't a particularly stellar few days. this week, however, was pretty good for me! here's why:

1. i was in the burbs earlier in the week to do a little apartment furniture and decor shopping with my mom. i was only planning on picking up some of my bigger furniture items, but ended up finding loads of great stuff to use for decor, as well! it was one of those days that you can't plan to happen because then you wouldn't find anything. i was pleasantly surprised by how well-stocked both Home Goods and Marshall's were, which is where i picked up the majority of my goods. i cannot wait to see it all come together soon! 
pillow: Nicole Miller | rug: Safavieh (both from Marshall's)
2. after a real scorcher earlier in the week, the 70 degree days we've had since have been glorious. they've made me quite excited for fall, mostly because fall is my favorite season to dress for! 

3. i did, however, take advantage of the warm temps over the weekend and headed to the beach for a few hours. there's this magical thing that happens in the summer in chicago where seemingly everyone is in a wonderful mood and life is just great - it's called lake michigan being warm enough to actually step into and not get frostbite. it's a beautiful thing.

4. i've rediscovered the goodness that is curling my hair with a 1 1/4" iron and i'm hooked (again).

5. i joined a friend for happy hour the other night and loved having a legitimate reason to get dressed up a bit. since it doesn't happen too often, i like to take advantage of every opportunity to use my heels and fancier pieces! 
shoes: Nickels (Marshall's) | pants: Anthro (similar) | sweater: J.Crew
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