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i can hardly believe that there’s only one month of ‘summer’ left. seriously, where did it go? the realization struck me last week, so i decided it’s time to get down to business and do all the things i want to do while the weather is still beautiful. 
some girlfriends and i went to Randolph St Market on Saturday to browse the antiques and enjoy a mimosa together (if you buy the package of 4 tickets, you each get a mimosa! we were sold when we saw that). there were quite a few unique pieces of furniture and plenty of things that you could buy and refurbish. if i’d had a car, i probably would have picked up a few of the smaller pieces to use in my new place, but i didn’t feel like messing with delivery fees or trying to jam everything in a cab. i was this close to buying a wooden stool with a furry top, but decided against it because it would shed like crazy. let’s be honest, i have enough fur between the two cats to last me a lifetime…i don’t need anymore. 
after perusing the outdoor area for awhile, we made our way inside where the vendors mostly sold jewelry, clothing, china, and art. there was a very distinct smell of french onion dip as soon as we entered, which was quickly (and graciously) masked by the wonderful aroma of cinnamon roasted nuts. man! those smell delicious. after making our way past the male bust lamps and Home Goods placemats (word to sellers: maybe remove the retail store sticker before trying to sell the item for more than it’s actually worth), we found ourselves amongst the vintage Coach bags and old over-sized hats. as someone that has a strong like for clothing, it’s always interesting to me to see what was once ‘in style’ to wear. what would now be used only for Halloween or a costume party would have once been a prized possession in a young woman’s closet. i quickly thought, ‘what on earth are my kids going to think about the clothes that i wore?! are skinny jeans and maxi skirts going to be the laughing stock of my children’s generation?!’ i really am curious to know that one day. what they will think of my music, clothing, home decor style, hairstyles, makeup, cell phone, etc. it’s crazy to think that our current way of life will be considered ‘old’ and ‘outdated’. i imagine the conversations going something like this:
me: i remember the days when i had to actually dial a phone number to call someone.
unborn (and very far off) child: WHAT?! what a waste of time!
me: i remember the days when i had to actually drive my car to get somewhere.
unborn (and very far off) child: you mean you had to DO something in the car to get somewhere, you couldn’t just sit and let the computer drive you?!
me: i remember the days when i had to have a wireless internet connection to access anything online.
unborn (and very far off) child: you mean, you weren’t always and forever connected to the internet with unlimited access and no issues, like ever? whoa. 
who knew that walking through an antique market could lead to such deep thoughts 😉
although nobody else in the group purchased anything, i walked away with a pretty gemstone ring (similar to those shown in the photos, it’s on my left hand but you can’t see it) that i couldn’t pass up. i’m a sucker for jewelry, i tell you. 
dress | Gap
cardigan | Old Navy
belt | Target
earrings | Nissa Jewelry
wallet | Fossil
sunglasses | Kate Spade

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    "it's crazy to think that our current way of life will be considered 'old' and 'outdated'."

    ^ I've thought the same thing SO many times! And I wonder, as far as hair, clothing, jewelry, home decor, etc. goes, will it only seem weird and outdated to them if one is a trend-follower, or will ALL the things be outdated? haha, funny ponderings. 🙂

    Posted 8.7.14 Reply

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