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there was a time in my life when i made it a priority to exercise at least 4 days a week. that time happened to be when i was in school (which didn’t even really count because i was in 3 classes and it was my final semester), had just started dating my workout-obsessed boyfriend, and had (what seems like) all the free time in the world. those days are over, and so is my relationship with the gym. a couple months ago, after what was a long drought without exercise, i realized that i was doing myself a huge disservice by not exercising regularly. duh. i was tired, weak, and ran out of energy quickly. then Jessica emailed me.
Jess and i ‘met’ a few years ago through blogging. she’s since started her own personal training business, Glisten Fit. she emailed me to see if i’d like to try some online personal training with her and i couldn’t decline. i needed to get back in the routine of exercising and she came knocking at the perfect time!  in case you ever wondered what a ridiculous (-ly amazing) set of abs look like, you’re welcome: 
oh, hello abs! 
for 4 weeks, Jess sent me personalized weekly workouts on Fridays that kicked my booty. i mean, kicked it. like, could barely make it through the workouts, kicked. she was wonderful about checking in to see how everything was going and if i had any questions. she was incredibly accessible and always willing to offer encouragement and a boost of ‘you can do this’! the workouts were concise and could be done in less than an hour, which is great since i get bored at the gym in about 7 minutes.  by the end of the first week, i felt incredibly sore, but also had more energy, felt stronger, and looked forward to my daily workouts. i had a great experience for the 4 weeks, and go back to the workouts she sent me for some inspiration in the gym these days! 
here’s a bit more about her business and what she does:
what inspired you to start Glisten Fit?

I used to be overweight. When I first started out on my journey to become healthier, I didn’t like the idea of joining a gym. I felt lost and really out of place when I tried visiting them. I needed more guidance and wanted tips that I could use in real life. Fast forward to now. I’m certified personal trainer and I’m really passionate about health & fitness. I want to share the knowledge that I’ve learned throughout the years with women all over the world. I want them to see that health & fitness doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. Glisten Fit is all about helping women love themselves from the inside out by sharing useful health & fitness tips! I want women to be fierce, be fabulous and be fit!

what’s your favorite part about owning Glisten Fit?

I have the privilege of connecting with tons of women each and everyday. It’s seriously such a blessing…I never knew that I could use my love for health & fitness and my knowledge of social media (I have a degree in mass communications) to build such an inspiring platform. Every single time someone sends me a message telling me that I inspire them I can’t contain my excitement! I try really hard to be different than other fitness icons that I see on Instagram. I want women to be able to relate to me and my workouts.

say i wanted some workout inspiration but am not ready to commit to personal training, do you have anything for me?

Of course! Every Friday is FIT FRIDAY on the blog. I post a free workout! Sometimes there is a picture demo or a video demo. Sometimes it’s a cute little printable. The workouts vary from week to week. One Friday could be a fast paced HIIT workout, while the next week could be a low intensity ab workout. Another place to find workout inspiration is on my Instagram. I post workout video challenges a few times a week…and my sweet pup usually finds his way into all the videos. Most of my workouts use minimum equipment and can be done from home 🙂

how does the online personal training work?

The online personal training program is 4 weeks long. If you’re interested you send me an email and I email you back with the application and waiver. The application has questions about your goals and what equipment you have available to you. Then every Friday for 4 weeks, I send you a brand new weekly workout schedule. 

Here is a breakdown of what’s included in the online training program:
– consultation to discuss your goals, schedule, lifestyle, workout history, etc. (part of the application process)
– weekly email check in from me to make sure you’re on track
– unlimited email communication with me
– access to the weekly fitness log that i use myself
– nutritional guidance and suggestions (please note that since i am not a registered dietitian, i cannot create specific meal plans, i just give my input on questions that you may have after seeing your food log)
– personalized 1 month workout program that is suitable to your goals
overall, i had a wonderful experience with her! she truly is an inspiration. bonus: if you follow her on Instagram, you can get some other great workout inspiration! 
Jess offered 4 weeks of personal training in exchange for an honest and real review on my experience

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