Army Green + Moving Boxes

it’s official: i’m putting off packing as long as possible. i have the boxes, bubble wrap, and tape all waiting to be used and i would rather scratch my eyes out, i’m pretty sure. i’m an organized person, so you’d think that i would like going through everything that i have, deciding whether or not to keep it, and wrapping it neatly and packing it in a box, but no. no no no no no. packing is not my thing. it’s at this time, just a little over a week to go, when i think, ‘i totally understand why people pay other people to come pack up all of their belongings for them‘. and i barely have anything in this apartment compared to my last one. (read: that’s what happens when you share 750 square feet with another human being – you live ‘light’.)
i’m dreading going through my closet the most. partially because i have so many piles of clothes that it’s overwhelming, but also because it’s full of all the junk that i couldn’t cram under my bed. (read: i couldn’t fit a dresser in this bedroom, so i got creative.) i have quite a bit to sort through and will hopefully be donating a nice pile of things that i don’t need anymore, like old decor, bedding, etc. 
i feel like if i don’t start now, i’ll be overwhelmed and pulling my hair out next week. i’m at that point where it’s too early to pack away everything, but too late to just sit around and hope that the packing fairies show up in the middle of the night to do all the work for me. you know, that sweet spot during the moving process. 
all that to say, i have no idea what the next week and a half or so is going to look like. i’ll definitely still be posting, but i may be buried under boxes a couple days, unable to even gather myself enough to write something you may want to read, if i’m lucky.
p.s. i’m still looking to sell my couch. ya know, just in case you need one. 

dress | Old Navy
vest | Target
heels | Tesori via Nordstrom Rack
necklaces | Elisabeth Ashlie and J.Crew Factory (similar)
wallet | Kate Spade
belt | Target

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  1. Kara wrote:

    Is your watch Kate Spade? And if so, do you like it? I'm kinda in the market for a new watch and like yours! Is there an all purpose watch you would recommend right now?

    Posted 8.20.14 Reply
  2. Kat wrote:

    I adore that vest! Fingers crossed that my Target has it!

    Posted 8.21.14 Reply

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