with summer winding down (i had to put a scarf on while i was outside a couple nights ago!), i'm finding that i'm reaching for all of my favorite summer pieces in my closet to wear while i can. i love contrasting patterns and textures, so the combination of this lace blouse and space-dye grey skirt are a win in my book. it's feminine, comfortable, and (surprisingly) doesn't make me feel overdressed. 

my internet has been absolutely miserable the last few days, so i've been spending a lot of time at coffee shops and restaurants this week. while it's been wonderful to get out of my apartment for the day, i prefer when things that i'm paying for work. ya know, like the internet. here's to hoping it's fixed soon so i can stop free-wifi location hoping! 

in other news, Mike and i are heading the the renaissance faire with my brother and his girlfriend this weekend and i'm actually quite excited. i always see signs for it on the way up to our lakehouse, but have never stopped in. i'm anticipating eating massive chicken legs and sticking out like a sore thumb, seeing as i don't have much renaissance garb to wear. 

happy thursday!

top | h&m
skirt | h&m (similar)
shoes | nickels via tj maxx
bag | fossil (similar)
necklaces | kate spade and elisabeth ashlie