happy first friday of August! as i'm writing this, i'm sitting on my sister's couch in North Carolina with a stomach full of Cookout deliciousness (read: french fries and milkshakes). My friend, Sam, and i pulled an all-nighter driving from Chicago on wednesday night, arriving in Raleigh at about 10:30am. the trip was totally uneventful and went quickly, which we're both thankful for. 

since i'm mostly delirious from lack of sleep and such, bare with me as i look back on some of my favorite moments from this past week:

1. mike and i started watching The Walking Dead a couple weeks ago and we're both sufficiently hooked. we're just barely into the second season, which we've heard is maybe the worst/slowest season of them all, but we're planning to stick with it!

2. it's moving month! cannot wait to get into our new apartment. the whole process of moving doesn't sound particularly inviting, but the idea of being in a new space certainly does. 

3. i'm already loving the time i'm getting to spend with my nephew - he is just the cutest thing and it's so fun to see him interact more and discover new things that he can do. 

4. i think i've officially decided to let Kate chop my hair off...i can't say for sure until it actually happens, but i'm pretty positive it will happen. 

5. this sweet little moment:

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it! 

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