friday, i am thrilled to see you. seriously. this has been quite a week and i'm very much looking forward to the weekend. i'm guessing you are, too ;)

let's take a look back at some of my favorite moments from this week:

1. MY INTERNET WORKS AGAIN. yes, this is totally inconsequential when you consider real problems in life, but it's also incredibly obnoxious to not have functioning internet. the first half of my week was spent hopping from coffee shop to cafe, eating and drinking way too much and using free wifi. while it was actually really nice to be out of my apartment for the majority of my day, it's also really nice to not have to leave my apartment to do anything work-related. 

2. i had such a great long weekend with my sister and her family in North Carolina. it was hard to say goodbye, as it always is, but i'll see them in just a few weeks again! 
love this little chubster more than words!
3. kate and i were able to steal some time away for just the two of us. although i love spending as much time with my nephew as possible when i'm with him, it was also really nice to have some good sister time at brunch together.

4. as you can tell by yesterday's post (and if you follow me on instagram), i had kate cut 6 inches off of my hair. i was freaking out when i sat down in the chair. totally second-guessing my decision and almost telling her to not cut it, but she went ahead and did it anyway and i'm so glad she did. it feels great to have a change and my hair is so much more style-able these days. i've been having fun the past few days trying new things with it! 

5. while this week has been quite long, it's also been incredibly productive. don't you just love that? i feel like some weeks, by time friday's come, i haven't accomplished even a fraction of the things that i needed to get done. for once, i feel the opposite about this week, which means that i will enjoy my weekend that much more. 

how was your week? link up below and tell me about it! 
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