One-Piece Wonder

i feel like rompers are like one-piece bathing suits – they can be done really well or really wrong. i wore a one-piece swimsuit for many years, probably until high school. i remember how much i would dread having to use the restroom or how absolutely impossible it was to put on a wet one-piece. ya know the scene in FRIENDS where Ross is wearing the leather pants and goes to the bathroom and cannot, for the life of him, get them back on. lotion, baby powder, pure brute strength. nothing worked. that’s the memory of one-piece bathing suits i have. 
anyway, all of that actually doesn’t have anything to do with rompers beside the part that their both one-piece items. the simpler, the better. i love that i can slip this one on, throw on a pendant necklace and a pair of heels and walk out the door. i can’t say how much i’ll like it when ‘nature calls’, but it sure works well for every other thing. 

romper | Drew via TJ Maxx
denim jacket | J.Crew Factory
heels | Tesori via Nordstrom Rack
necklace | c/o Vestique

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