Apartment Tour: Bedroom, Part One

when we walked through this apartment the first time, i remember walking down the long hallway from the living room to find the bedroom of my dreams. more square footage than i know what to do with, a separate bathroom, and natural light pouring in. within about 3.8 seconds, i had the room decorated in my head. i quickly checked myself so that i didn’t get too excited, since we weren’t even sure if we were going to get the place. 
we walked out of the apartment, all stunned, and exploded with excited ‘OH MY GOSH’s and ‘WE HAVE TO LIVE THERE’s. we went home, did some calculations to be sure that it fit in all of our price ranges, and filled out an application online. the second i hit the ‘send’ button, i clicked right on over to Pinterest and started planning for my bedroom and bathroom. 
and now, as i sit here at my desk, i can say that it turned out better than i ever even imagined. i love my room. since i spend the majority of my days working in it, i knew that i wanted a space that was welcoming, inspiring, and light. i worked with the color palette of white, grey, gold, blush pink, and touches of tiffany blue. 
here’s a look at my bathroom and sitting area:

wall art | marshall’s
terrarium | stein’s
‘hello gorgeous’ card | rifle paper co.
bath salts | anthropologie
tissue holder | target
geo rock soap | anthropologie
white/gold leaf plate | target

the sitting area has yet to actually be sat in by me for more than 5 minutes, but i have big dreams for it. ya know, cozying up with a good book or opening up my laptop to get some work done with a change of scenery. things like that. coming from a bedroom before where the only place for someone to sit was my bed or my desk chair (which was about a foot and a half from my bed), it’s nice to have extra space to spread out when i have guests in my room.
up next: part two, which includes my striped wall and new dresser
chair | ikea
blanket | marshall’s
pillow | hobby lobby
stool/footrest | walmart
rug | safavieh via home goods
table | home goods
candle | marshall’s
lamp | home goods
‘blah’ art | target
terrarium | stein’s
vase | world market

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  1. Your sitting area looks so welcoming! I definitely would like to incorporate that into my next room!

    Posted 9.17.14 Reply
  2. Would you mind posting your house on Pinterest!! And your outfits!! Thanks

    Posted 9.17.14 Reply

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