Apartment Tour: Living Room + Breakfast Nook

it's finished! the apartment is decorated, unpacked, and finally feels like home. i couldn't be happier with how it turned out! 

although my bedroom is probably my favorite room in the place, this little breakfast nook off of our living room is a very close second. we get a lovely breeze off the lake and the natural light in that corner is bananas. it's a perfect viewing spot for eating a snack and watching TV or for my roommate, in grad school, that needs to do work when she's home. 

the living room came together well, considering there was a a minute when i didn't think we were going to be able to fit my new couch in it. my roommate's rug is the perfect amount of pattern to add some interest to the room without being overpowering. i snagged those pine chairs from my parents' basement to use, since i wanted the room to still feel open and not close off that area. that bookcase you see in the back, holding electronics and DVD's, is one of my favorite new purchases. it has a lot of character and looks like it would be from Pottery Barn or West Elm (spoiler alert: it was $200 from Sam's Club!). 
if you walk to the end of that long hallway where the light is, you'll get to my bedroom! it's basically a separate wing.

by the way, how beautiful do those radiator grates look? i love the character that comes with an old building like this!
so, there it is! the beginning of the tour. next up: dining room + bar.

special thanks to my mom for doing two full days worth of work helping us hang things, decorate, and clean! concrete and plaster walls are no joke, but she's a magician with a drill. 

breakfast nook
table + chairs | walmart
pendant light | ikea
candles and candlesticks | ikea

living room
rug | roommate's (rugsusa.com)
sofa | sam's club
coffee table | ikea
pine chairs | antique
shelving unit | sam's club
topiaries | home goods
mirror | home goods (clearance!)
i tried to source the main items - if there's something i didn't include that you're curious about, leave a comment!


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